GW2 - Elite Specialization - The Druid

As previously announced, TwitchCon was the venue for the announcement of the latest elite specialization. The Druid, specialization of the Ranger, was featured on the official livestream. Let's come back to this new specialization!


Specialization weapon and mechanics

Like every elite specialization, novelties are appearing! For the Ranger, we have as a new weapon the stick. Thanks to this, he will be able to help his allies, thanks in particular to the following skills:

  • Sun Ray : Shoots a beam of light that deals damage to target enemies and heals allies within it
  • Astral Follet : create a wisp around your enemy that will heal your allies it crosses
  • Ancestral Grace : you turn into a wisp to reach an area. When you arrive, you heal your allies nearby
  • Wave of lianas : Inflicts immobilization on your enemies and dispels ailments from your allies
  • Conversion sublime : Erect an energy barrier that turns enemy damage into healing for your party

The new mechanics of this specialization will be to accumulate the surrounding astral forces to transform you into an avatar. The Ranger will thus be entitled to a new set of skills with short cooldowns. Focused on support, this mechanic will be able to restore all their life to a group in distress.

  • Cosmic ray : heals your allies by channeling energy
  • Seed of life : Summons a seed that heals and dispels ailments from your allies when it hatches
  • Lunar impact : in the form of a beam, heals allies and inflicts amazement on your enemies
  • Rejuvenating tides : quickly heal nearby allies
  • Natural convergence : two-step control spell. Periodic slowness and infirmity. At the end of the channel, immobilize your enemies in a black hole


Skills, abilities and companions

New skills are in the game with this new specialization. These skills have a different effect whether you are in celestial form or not (celestial shown in another color).

  • Glyph of Rejuvenation : care (important / minor) for you and (minor / important) for your allies
  • Alignment Glyph : (Deals damage / Heals) and conditions to your (enemies / allies)
  • Glyph of Equality : inflicts stupor / Dispels stunned around you
  • Glyph of Overkill : increases the (damage / healing received) of your nearby allies
  • Glyph of the Tides : inflicts (knockback / pull) to nearby enemies
  • Glyph of Unity : binds (enemies / allies) with you which allows you to share (damage / healing) with related people in addition to the one you are targeting

As we are entitled to a new set of skills, new abilities have been added to each of the existing talent trees. Not to make a listing of all these new skills, these offer better survivability for you and your party (increased healing and perks, reduced cooldown).

Finally, we will have access to new companions that can be captured in the Jungle of Maguuma:

  • Smokescale
  • Herissosaur
  • Tigre
  • Electric / Fire Wyvern

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