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Le Underground Complex is one of the 9 Fractals present in the new dungeon Mist Fractals.


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This fractal is located in a vast underground complex. Who says underground says ... Dredge!

The area is occupied by these giant moles, so be sure to show them that this area is yours and kill their leader in his heavy armor.


Loyalty card

here is full detailed dungeon map.

The rest of the article will explain point by point how to succeed in this dungeon.

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Associated successes:

  • Underground Complex Fractal Stabilizer : Finish the fractal
  • Heroic crossing: Do not die in the fight against Rabsovich



Lifting the locks

Here you are in the complex.

Doors are blocking your advance, so someone in your group must take the slope to activate the button, just stay on it to keep the first door open.

Now that the 4 people who remained at the bottom have passed the first door, a second is blocking the path, another person in the group must go through the right to activate a second button. The members of the group who remained below take the opportunity to cross and two of them will then actuate two other push buttons inside to allow the 2rd person to activate the control panel and those who remained outside to return. . It's complicated on paper but in game you will understand better?
Once the control panel is activated, run towards the door that opened, do not try to kill all the dredgers in the middle room and go forward.


Rabsovich's Gate

You arrive at a large door. The best is to explode it using the cannons available on site in order to free the passage. Watch out for the endless pop of flirting that can quickly hurt quite a bit. Make sure you have a reasonable amount and don't get overwhelmed.

Once the door is destroyed, the champion Rabsovich will stand before you.

Make him eat his two big teeth!


The Champion Dredge ... Or the Ice Elemental!

Continue to advance, until you find a large armored dredge. It is possible to find an Ice Elemental. The latter is more fragile than the heavy armor of the dredge.

To overcome it, you will have to attract it under the large lava jumps that you see in the air. Once it's below, a member of your party will need to activate the console available on the platform in order to spill the lava on the boss. This makes him vulnerable to your attacks, take the opportunity to inflict maximum damage on him!

Once he is no longer vulnerable, it will be necessary to repeat the same operation, and this, until your victory.
The process is the same for the ice elemental.

Note: For the members of the group who stayed below: the areas where to position the boss, so that he receives the lava shower, are visualized by the 4 large black spots on the ground.
Knowing this avoids looking up and playing with your camera.

In addition, there is no need to position the boss under each of the 4 zones.
Round trip kiting between only 2 zones is sufficient.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen rangers, please avoid your farts that tank and prevent the boss from being placed correctly and quickly.



Here is the exploration of the Underground Complex:



Each time you level up, the difficulty increases and the rewards are better. So you will earn more Fractal Relics and more items!

Relics of Fractals rewards according to the difficulty chosen

  • Level 1 to 5: 5 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 6 to 10: 6 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 11 to 15: 7 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 16 to 20: 8 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 21 to 25: 9 Relics of Fractals.

Daily safe

  • Levels 2 and 4: Bag of gold + 15 relics
  • Level 6 and 8: Bag of gold + 20 relics
  • Level 10+: Bag of gold + 25 relics and a possibility of obtaining a ring Ascension.

There will also be some changes depending on your difficulty level:

  • From Level 10: Bosses begin to inflict new Agony condition. Coagulated Mist Essence Balls can be dropped. Rings can also be obtained from bonus chests;
  • From Level 21: Infused Rings can be obtained from bonus chests (+5 Agony resistance).

Obviously, equipment drops all the way through your dungeons?



Thank you for reading me and I tell you very soon for new guides!

Do not hesitate to send me your own version or images of the underground complex, that would make us very happy and the other players could also enjoy it?
Also if you feel like writing for gw2-guide, the procedure can be found here!

Thank you !



Inspired by Artificial Wave, spanish Wikipedia GW2 and my experiences.

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