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The group finder (currently in beta) is now available! Dungeons, fractals, open world content, event dungeons, personal story, PvP and WvW will be available to all players in the same region (same different worlds) except WvW and open world content which will be linked to your server / world.

  • You will be able to see which classes are already in the group and even join an incomplete group.
  • For those who are already grouped, the tool will display the groups that can merge with yours to create a group of 5 players.
  • Groups created by friends and guild members will be at the top of the list.
  • You can kick the players in your party if they are not correct.
  • Those who leave / join groups too often via the tool will suffer a penalty and will no longer be able to use the tool temporarily.

Easy to use, you will have to go to the tab Contacts (the key Y) then LFG (Looking for a Group). All you have to do is choose the style of play in which you want to participate.


Living world

This category contains all the living world content of the current event. This category searches for players from the same world as you.



This second category presents the players who are available in your region but on the different worlds. You will therefore be able to find groups of different languages. You must have the required level.

  • The Ascalon Catacombs (Level 30);
  • The Manor of Caudecus (Level 40);
  • Twilight Arbor (Level 50);
  • Embrace of Lamentations (Level 60);
  • Citadel of the Flame (Level 70);
  • Honor of the Waves (Level 76);
  • Crucible of Eternity (Level 78);
  • The Ruins of Arah (Level 80) - Coming this week as a guide.


Mist fractals

There you will find groups from your regions but from different worlds again.

  • Fractal 0-9: basic fractals;
  • Fractal 10-19: intermediate fractals with higher rewards and chances of getting rings high ;
  • Fractal 20-39: Advanced level fractals and chances of getting Infused Rings;
  • Fractal 40+: Advanced level fractals with chances of getting rings high infused.


Personal story

Players looking for a party for the same story as you will be noted here.


PvP preview

  • Team arena: for competitive play and a place in the leaderboard;
  • Custom arenas: in quick access for casual play.


It is therefore possible to search for a group but also to create one. You can also merge two groups so that they complement each other (3 + 2 for example). The system is currently in beta, so do not hesitate to create feedback on the Guild Wars 2 official forums !

Have you used this system before? What do you think ?

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