GW2 - Halloween, Act I Day 2

Here we are at October 24, the second day of the Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event!

Each day of this event will have the right to its little summary in the evening with all the information that we were able to recover during the day.

So today is the second day of act I which will take place from 23 to 26 October. So let's see the content of this second day of celebration!

Note: The content of Act I is the same, so please refer to Halloween Day 1 for the content that was revealed to you yesterday.

My little Asura looks devilish ...


First act: October 24

So let's see what elements I could share with you. I would like to talk to you about three Jumping puzzles :

  • The belfry of the mad king
  • Tribulation caverneuse
  • The hidden garden

So I will have to freeze them during this great cold to bring you some screenshots to guide you on this.

I will also cover some additional information about costume brawls and the pumpkin carving.

I will summarize again the succès availables.

To conclude, we will see how craft your exotic weapons for the Halloween event.

Are you ready ? Let's go !


Puzzles Jumping

Mad King's Bell Tower

To make it quick, this jumping puzzle is apparently not open yet. I couldn't find any information on it and none of the GER / ENG / FR players found it.


Tribulation caverneuse

Because pictures are better than really long lines, follow the spoiler guide below?

I advise you, if possible, to go in pairs in order to be sure to pass the jumping puzzle (the two jumping puzzles in fact) without hindrance. You will need to go to the region of Hantedraguerre Cliffs and direction the Tribulation TP, all the way to the south where it fights hard. Do not hesitate to look at the mini-map on the images to better guide you.

You will therefore do a first puzzle jump which will lead you to a second, the one open for Halloween. Good luck !

Tribulation caverneuse


The hidden garden

It is a haven of peace hidden in the heart of the Maelstrom, but whose access is difficult. To be able to enter it, you will have to take one of the four portals located through the Maelstrom area.

The Hidden Garden contains 4 mini puzzles which, once completed, will allow you to unlock successes and treasures.

Warning, this area is 60/70. We advise you to go to two level ~ 65

 Irwin Island crossing point
 Meander Island crossing point
 Ashes crossing point
 Criterion crossing point

Portal locations





The 4 entrances to the Garden are each guarded by a private guard. Light, land, sky or sea. These creatures are of equal strength, but not always present because it is a dynamic event. The Guardian when killed will open a portal transporting you to the Puzzle. No need to kill all 4, just one will be enough to unlock a portal.

A portal opened after the death of its guardian

Once inside, you will see a giant tree in the center of the garden. If you climb a little above it, you will find halfway up a chest that requires a key ... or rather 4 keys. Each of them corresponds to an element, and you will have to complete a Puzzle to obtain it.

For the fragment of earth, go to the roots of the tree, kill some earth elementals, and search the ball that floats in the center.

For the fragment of light, you will have to climb to the top of the tree to find the corresponding ball and search it

For the water fragment, go south of the area and enter the cliff at the waterfall. After a small climb on leaves, you will arrive at the top of the waterfall where the water ball and its fragment are located.

Finally, the fragment of wind is to the north of the area and you will need to complete a long climb along the wall to get the last fragment needed to open the chest.

The Puzzle is nothing difficult, but it should be noted anyway that if you were to have a fatal fall, there is no ground point in the garden. You will have to kill a guard again to activate his portal and return to the garden.


Costume brawls

Click on the cauldrons that appear in Lion's Arch, you will be transformed (random), using the skills hit 25 costumed opponents in order to fill your success bar (community).

Besides the costumes given by the cauldrons (i.e. pig, moa, owl, silt, candy elemental), you can also get a few more more specific to Halloween (including plastic spiders, mummies, skeletons, etc.) : to do so, just jump on the platforms around the Mystical Forge in order to climb up to the cauldron above. By jumping into the cauldron, you will get one of these very special costumes.

You can also use your old tonics which will gain skills for this activity.

To know more...


Pumpkin carver

You will find gourds and pumpkins all over the kingdom. As you approach them, you can sculpt them (F) to unlock a new achievement.

Remember that success is linked to the account. You can therefore make the sculptures on your different characters. The pumpkins reappear each time you decorate / recce or change overflow server / your original server. Could it boost your pumpkin production a bit ...?

Achievement: Pumpkin Carving
There are 4 levels to overcome in the size of pumpkins.

  • Tier 1: 1 pumpkin
  • Tier 2: 25 pumpkins
  • Tier 3: 75 pumpkins
  • Tier 4: 150 pumpkins

After 150 (ie level 4/4), a PnJ informs you that you have unlocked the related title: "Master sculptor".


Halloween success



Exotic Halloween weapons and their confections

About halloween event weapons and their crafting.
Here's what we know so far. There are 3 craftable Exotics corresponding to Temporary (4 hour) skins that can be purchased in Lion's Arch. These are: Arachnophobia, The Crossing and The Mad Moon.


Each corresponds to a new craftable Gift.

Arachnophobia (Arachnophobie) = Gift of the Spiders (Hunter)
The Crossing = Gift of Souls (Artificer)
The Mad Moon = Gift of the Moon (Gunsmith)

Each donation requires first learning the recipe through the Mystic Forge. The recipe is as follows:
250 Candy
10 Crystalline Dust
40 Elona Wines
100 Rare Halloween Materials (Nougat = Souls, Skulls = Moon, Plastic Fangs = Spider)

Once you have the recipe, you can craft the Gift with a craftsman with skill 400.

Gift of the Moon:
1 Gift of Thorns (500 Twilight Arbor tokens)
250 Orichalcum Bars
20 Globes d'Ectoplasme
100 Corrupted Magnetite

Gift of the Spiders:
1 Don of Ascalon (500 tokens of the Catacombs of Ascalon)
250 Orichalcum Bars
20 Globes d'Ectoplasme
100 Destroyer's Magnetite

Gift of Souls:
1 Gift of Knowledge (500 tokens from the Crucible of Eternity)
250 Orichalcum Bars
20 Globes d'Ectoplasme
100 Crystal Magnetite

These feats can only be crafted with items from the current event, so stock up!

At this point: the creation of a Don, we have already spent in the 100 gold coins

The weapons as such can be crafted later by a craftsman with a level of 400 in the associated craft discipline, the other ingredients being permanently available. Here is the list of total ingredients:

Total cost for The Crossing:
530 Minerals d'Orichalque
250 Candy
100 Nougats
100 Corrupted Magnetites
54 Ancestral Wood
40 Elonian Wines
25 Globes d'Ecto
10 Crystalline Dusts
5 Fine Crafting Material
1 Gift of Knowledge (500 tokens from the Crucible of Eternity)

Total cost for Arachnophobia:
530 Orehalque ore
250 Candy
100 Destroyer's Magnetite
100 Spiders
42 Ancestral Wood
40 Elonian Wines
25 Globes d'Ectoplasme
10 Crystalline Dusts
6 Hardened Leather
5 Fine Crafting
1 Don of Ascalon (500 tokens of the Catacombs of Ascalon)

Total cost for The Mad Moon:
538 Orehalque ore
250 Candy
100 Mag
100 Chattering Skulls
40 Elonian Wines
30 Ancestral Wood
25 Globes d'Ectoplasme
10 Crystalline Dusts
5 Fine Crafting
1 Gift of Thorns (500 Twilight Arbor tokens)


Good luck to you crafter friends! ?

Don't forget that there are candy mines all over Tyria for candy!


I hope you have fun during this 1st act! ?

Tomorrow will be the 3rd day of act I and we will, of course, inform you of everything there is to do! Do not hesitate to share your experiences via the comments or even give us some additional information that we would have missed.

Good night !



Thanks to Ethan Rynn for picking me up during the Jumping Tribulation puzzle.

Thanks to Anonymous for his contribution to crafting Halloween exotic weapons.

Hidden garden taken from the Millenium site

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