GW2 - Halloween, Act IV day 1

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We're currently on day one of the Guild Wars 2 Halloween event for Act IV: Shadow of the Mad King!

Each day of this event will have the right to its little summary in the evening with all the information that we were able to recover during the day.

So today is the first day of act IV which will take place from October 31 at 17 p.m. to November 1 at 20 p.m.. So let's see the content of this ninth day of celebration!


Fourth act: October 31

The Mad King has calmed down and the "Ascent to Madness" dungeon is now closed. A large plaque is now located at the location of the dungeon.

You also only have two days left to carry out the various Halloween activities, hurry up! ?


Regarding this first day of Act IV, Mad King Oswald Thorn distributes some candies and prepares activities for his guests (Us).

  • This is how he will walk for a long time while throwing his jokes which will have to be laughed at;
  • He will give orders that will have to be carried out under penalty of being seriously damaged.
  • We will also all be transformed to take part in Giant Costume Brawls!


The Mad King said ...

Under the theme of "Jacques a dit", Oswald (The Mad King) will tell you "The Mad King said ... Dance!". You will have to type in emote "/ dance" in order to succeed. As I said above, if you miss it will get you a few points less. Nothing serious except a little less experience, under and karma at the end of the event.

At the end of this event, don't forget to take the item from the big chest! Inside, there is a witch hat that you can wear proudly.


Costume Brawl

You may already know the principle, you will have to tap on your disguised companions to earn points ... Without losing theirs!

You will need approximately 500 costume brawl championship titles to achieve success level 12/12. Good luck!

1 champion title is obtained by giving 25 hits without losing your 15 costume points. Otherwise you will have to start over.


Halloween jokes and candy

You can get some candy (rare) by laughing at the Mad King's jokes when he walks in Lion's Arch.


Here is for this first day of Act IV, have fun! ?

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