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We saw in June thanks to the guild halls that the guilds will have an important place in the new expansion. This importance will be found especially in WvW where the guilds will have a key role to play!

As soon as an objective is claimed, the guild will be able to improve it in certain ways thanks to a new specific WvW interface. The first tab will give you the information of your objective such as the timers or the level of improvement.

The second tab will be used to manage your guild improvement system. You will be able to find there the improvements that your guild has but especially the levels of improvement of the objectives that you have claimed.

There are two types of enhancements possible for your goals:

  • Tactics: Temporary improvement which is triggered most often by an activation on the objective (lever for the cauldron for example).
  • Optimizations: Passive effects on your objective which can give your world a great help in objective defense.

To have access to these improvements, you will need to level up your objective by keeping it as long as possible:

  • Level 1: Objective kept for 10 minutes
  • Level 2: Objective kept for 30 minutes
  • Level 3: Objective kept for 60 minutes

At each level, you will be able to apply an improvement to your guild chest. Each build takes 3 minutes to be active.

Now, let's move on to the different upgrades possible with guild claims:

  • tactics
  • optimizations


If you want to know more, don't hesitate to watch Friday's Livestream from 21 p.m. on the subject!

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