GW2 - Jumping Puzzle: Foothills of the Traveler

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Judit Llordes

For this new puzzle series, we are going to tackle the Traveler's Foothills, starting area. Very short area, since there will also be only one puzzle to solve.

Shaman's perch

As usual, go to the following coordinates:

Here you are in a large cave.

The goal will be to use the platforms to get to the other end. But of course, it wouldn't be fun if it was that easy. You will have to avoid going through the red circles of the crows present, otherwise you will be ejected. No secrets, we'll have to stealthily take care. Then jump on the platform on the right, and give a small correction to the Shaman. You can also take a little detour to take the rich copper vein:

Continue, and it will be wolves who will take over, avoid AOE (area spells) while typing the two Shamans who come to titillate you:

Then it's off again for a ride with the crows, same technique as before. Avoid the aoe of the bears, and give the Shaman a beating, and continue. Jump on the platforms to reach the end. Last test, go through the two Shamans and here is the reward:

SaDoExpedition - The perch of the shamans

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