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    GW2 – Jumping Puzzle : Plaines d’Ashford

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    For this area again, you will only have one puzzle to solve:

    Scope of Fableclaw

    Come on, let's get really serious, with a pretty tough little puzzle. You guessed it, we meet here:

    You will find underwater a passage through algae:

    Climb onto the small wooden platform, and start the climb:

    Climb on the beam, then on the rocks on the wall on the right. At the top, turn right, and jump on the diagonal beam:


    Then go up, and jump on the next beam:

    Then turn right, and follow the only possible path. Climb on the beam, and jump down. Climb on the rocks, and you arrive at the first traps:

    We will have to avoid the red areas, otherwise big sores on the horizon. Take to your right, and you will find a large beam going up. Go up until you find an exit, but don't go out, it's far from over ^^. Take the stairs to the right, and go down to the platform below:

    And now the fun things begin! Here you are in front of a corridor filled with traps dangling from the fire. You will have to observe the cycle and get started. Then jump on the stairs in front. Climb the platforms on the wall, then on the stairs, then arrived at the one before the stairs, you will see red areas on the ground above. As soon as they disappear, go for it and take cover. Here you are:

    Approach, you will see a platform through the waterfall. Jump on it. You will find a chest, open it if it is not yet open, and you will have to face a veteran. If the chest is already open, be careful, because you will not be able to access the chest and therefore at the end of the puzzle. I don't know if it repop after a while, I have changed servers in the meantime. Read the newspaper to learn that the real chest is hidden somewhere, not far away. Climb onto the platforms behind the chest:

    Continue until you reach a switch on the ground. Activate it, and you'll see a wall collapsing in front of it:

    Enter the passage now open, and discover your reward: 

    SaDoExpedition - Scope of Fableclaw

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