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Hello I am about to interview the famous cook Gogo, who is none other than the brother hidden in Tyria of the famous author of culinary guide: Mito.

Today he will introduce us to the profession of cook, also called Maître Queux, in Tyria. But beware, as he will demonstrate himself, this profession is not like the others. If it is easy to discover all the recipes for the tailoring trades, it is quite different for the profession of Master Queux. You will need patience, willpower and money (classic money AND karma).

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What is Maitre-Queux used for?

The Master-Queux manufactures consumables that provide improvements (boosts), protection or healing.

But what is particularly interesting with the consumables produced by the master chef is the experience bonus. Almost all finished dishes [and therefore consumable] brings + 10% XP to each enemy killed and this for the duration of the effect. Of course in addition to all this, it will bring you the pleasure of eating good little dishes by telling you: "I did it!".


How do you go about becoming Maitre-Queux?

And above all, where do we start? To learn the trade, nothing could be simpler. In all the areas where the races start, there is a section reserved for crafts. However, the easiest way is to follow your "personal story", in fact during the 3rd or 4th adventure. [at level 3 or 4] you are asked to go to the main town of your breed, take the opportunity to visit the craft center and talk to the master [he calls him Chef in the rest of this interview] which is right next to the pot [the master-tailor's workshop].


What raw material to use?

This is where the biggest difference between this craft and the others is, there are about sixty basic ingredients. What's more, some recipes use a processed ingredient.

I'll give you an example: the cinnamon stick [found by cutting wood] and the bag of sugar [buyable from the chef, who I remind you is the master chef located next to the pot] allows you to make the heap of cinnamon and sugar which itself allows you to make at least 4 other types of dishes.

In addition, if the ingredients of other trades are found almost everywhere, it is quite different for the ingredients of Master Queux. To develop our art, we have to visit distant lands and find ingredients unique to the region. Take the example of the vanilla bean which will be found in the forest of Caledon having a little luck when harvesting the grass seeds. Some products are even specific to a certain farm like potatoes.

But that's not all, some ingredients are only accessible from specific and often unique sellers who will only sell you their products if they do them a little favor. [these are the quest giver NPCs, symbolized by a yellow heart]

So I got some lemon from a woman on an island in the Caledon Forest after she asked me to clear her of a gang of illuminated people known as the Nightmare Court.

Rest assured, however, it is not necessary, far from it, to have access to all the ingredients except to want to create a complete cookbook of our good Tyria.


I have a lot of ingredient, but what can I do with it now? I don't know much about cooking myself ...

The easiest and most obvious is to get started by starting to cook the few recipes provided by your instructor. As you progress, you will discover new ways to mix this or that ingredient. [by increasing level of recipes unlock].

You can also buy recipes from people you have helped. I remember a certain Bjarni whom I encountered in the snows of Traveler's Foothills and who sold me, for my karma, the recipe for Bjarni's rabbit food after I brought him enough food bags.

Finally, there is a third method, which is longer but much more exciting, by randomly mixing products in the pot. [cooking pot discovery mode]. Who knows what you will discover when mixing the pile of cinnamon and sugar I told you about and a little scoop of dough ... yum a delicious snack, the cinnamon spiral.

My mouth is watering ! Considering the number of products and ingredients that exist in Tyria, where can I put all these little things?

Firstly, Tyria makes available to every family [game account], a space specific to the harvested products. Thus, by selecting a fruit or a basic ingredient, you can store it in your collection space. As soon as a family member needs it, it will be taken automatically into it [the collection area and the bank are common to all players in the account].

Be careful though, these are the basic ingredients. You will not be able to store your intermediate products like the previous pile of cinnamon and sugar there. These can take place in the bank alongside your consumables [in this text, the basic ingredients are in green, the intermediate products are in orange, while the consumables are in red].

Your creation could very well be reused later. Here is an example of a recipe that evolves as you progress. We will make a loaf of bread using the jug of water, the bag of yeast and the bag of flour, all of which can be purchased from the chef.

Once you have progressed a little bit in your adventures [level 5 player] you will coat your slice of bread with a beautiful stick of butter for even more taste sensations with this slice of buttered bread!

After a while, you'll want even more craziness in your meals [level 10 player required] and if your culinary culture has evolved sufficiently [level 50 in Maitre-Queux] you will coat this slice of buttered bread with the heap of cinnamon and sugar, to obtain the slice of cinnamon bread, a real treat.


I can't take it anymore, I've been looking for the hidden recipes for days, but I'm not progressing what to do?

So use cookbooks. Nowadays, with the internet, it is very easy to find a lot of recipes to make. Here is the address of a famous guide who will help you progress. It is not perfect, has some errors, but it is very practical: wiki guildwars 2 in english - recipes page

And here is the more precise and complete English version: Wiki guildwars 2 in English - ingredients page


A final word to conclude?

there will be two: BON APPÉTIT!

I hope you have been as passionate about this interview as I was and I wish you great adventures in Tyria.

Goodbye !

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