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Via your hero sheet (H key), you can obviously find your character sheet, your equipment, your crafts but also, as seen in our User Interface article, the achievements.

Among this list of achievements are the monthly successes. Just like the daily achievements, you will have to complete various tasks in order to gain treasure, experience, coins, equipment.


Concerning September monthly success, you'll need :

  • Kill 50 players in World vs. World game mode (Total of 4 Tiers)
  • Complete 100 events (Total of 4 stages)
  • Recycle 500 items (Total of 4 levels)
  • Gain a total of 100.000 experience points without dying (Total of 4 levels)


Regarding the rewards, you will get:

  • 20 mystical coins which you will use for items at the Mystic Forge
  • 2 random equipment in order to sell them to earn a little pennies or better, to equip them if they suit you!
  • 1 random tool pack including pickaxes, sickles and / or axes.
  • Between 40 and 50 pa (depending on your level! You may very well only win 20 or so copper coins ...)


Our tips

As always, we're giving you tips to help you better complete your game goals!

  • McM kills: You will obviously have to be at the front of the front in order to finish off your enemies yourself. If an ally finishes it before you do, your point will not be counted. Kill them with the help of your allies then go for it, click on F to finish it first and the point is yours! Play really "safe" in combat, that is, don't take unnecessary risks. If you die, you'll have to walk back and lose the likely assault kills while you get back.
  • The 100 dynamic events: There is no need to say ... Events, events and more events. Participate as much as possible of these! Remember that at the end of dynamic events, the NPCs talk to each other in order to conclude on what just happened. This discussion often leads to the rest of the event, so stay in the zone when you receive your reward!
  • The recycling : Well if you are a recycler at heart this will not be a problem for you. On the other hand, if you have not taken this habit and want to conclude the monthly success: I advise you to go to a merchant and buy the cheapest recycling kits. You can recycle whatever comes to hand during your adventures! Copper ? Use it in crafts or sell it at the counter. Unnecessary items? Resell them, this will reimburse you for your recycling kits. Nothing is lost ! As my chemistry teachers used to say: nothing is lost, everything is transformed!
  • The seasoned survivor: To do this, go to an area filled with mobs and go and decimate the wildlife! For once, these actions will have no consequences for the environment. I am also told in the atrium that setting up your craft is a great way to achieve this success. Avoid pricking yourself with your dressmaker's needle and suddenly dying! ?

Monthly success resets every month So be sure to finish it before! It would be silly to have given everything to forget a dynamic event.


By the way, you will notice that some achievements have a crown, these are achievements that unlock titles that you can wear proudly under your pseudonym.

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