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As mentioned previously, new legendary weapons will emerge with the expansion of GW2. ArenaNet returns to the means of obtaining as well as their implementation.

Initially, our legendary weapons were made up of several objects (precursors, gifts, ...). This system has been changed for the new weapons because you will now need:

  • A precursor: not found in the game, it can only be acquired by completing the corresponding mastery courses.
  • Gift of Maguuma Mastery: Composed only of components of the expansion, you will have to explore the jungle and keep certain specific currencies of the cards to obtain it.
  • Mystical Tribute: Similar to the fortune gift, it will ask you for trophies that you can acquire through the new card bonus system.
  • Unique Gift: Gift specific to each weapon requiring Frozen Runestones.

Donations have been changed to aid you in your quest for the Legendary Weapon:

  • Gift of the Mists: Allows you to obtain a combat feat against badges of honor and materials from graduated recycling.
  • Gift of Glory: must be exchanged for Shards of Glory collected from PvP courses
  • War Gift: Obtained against the new WvW material.

The second generation of legendary weapons, made up of 16 weapons, will not be implemented as soon as the expansion is released. Only 3 will be available:

  • Astralaria (Ax)
  • Hope (Pistol)
  • Farewell (Staff)

This new system of legendary weapon collections will be applied to new weapons, armor and trinkets that will be implanted in the near or distant future!

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