GW2 - Overview of the Destroyer

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We had the opportunity to preview the overhaul of The Destroyer, one of the many world bosses that populates Tyria. In this post, we'll tell you a bit about the event, the changes, and the meta-achievement. You should know that the Destroyer's schedules will not change with its redesign: it will always start at 2 a.m., repeating itself every 3 hours.

The idea for the overhaul was not initially one. The developers just wanted to fix boss bugs like continuous blindness blocking certain dragon abilities or trapping players in crystals for certain achievements. Following these corrections, they wanted to add the various elements arrived with the extension such as the defiance bar. A new dragon was then born!

A lot of players may not have seen the Destroyer before, so I'll give a detailed explanation of most of its mechanics. For the elders, there are few changes apart from an increased difficulty. You should also know that hang-gliding is available during combat and that an addition has been specially dedicated to it.

  • Damage zones and paw
  • prisons
  • Defiance bar
  • Healing crystals

During combat, the Destroyer will cause areas of effect to appear. If you stay in it, you will take quite heavy damage and there is a high risk of falling to the ground. The solution is simple: you will have to avoid them. To draw a parallel with the old version, there is no longer a "safe" zone. Even the TP area can be targeted by this skill. So be careful under your feet!

The Destroyer attacks with its paws. As soon as it lifts a front paw, expect to take damage. It's pretty hard to dodge in melee so try to get away from it as soon as you see it lift one leg.

As before, some players will be imprisoned in crystal prisons. They are only destructible by other players and, if they are not destroyed in time, you die. If you are caught, you have only one thing to do: pray that you will be delivered.

One of the new mechanics of the Destroyer. He will gain a defiance bar that must be destroyed as quickly as possible so that he is inflicted a damage penalty of 300%. If you fail to do so, it will fly away and deal damage to you when it drops to the ground.

Old mechanics that were ignored by players, this will no longer be the case with the overhaul. Several times in the fight, the Destroyer will spawn 4 crystals which will heal him. They have a defiance bar that must be removed to destroy the crystals. The solution is to divide the players to destroy the crystals as quickly as possible. If you delay, the healing on the Destroyer will be substantial.


At the disposal of the players, we have several tools:

  • Siege weapons
  • Hang gliding

Siege weapons are plentiful enough to aid you in your fight against the Destroyer and are mostly found near the TP. Mortar will be useful for destroying monsters as well as helping your allies by throwing medipacks at them. The turrets, they will be used both on the boss as well as on the various minions of the Destroyer.

The use of these weapons is double-edged as you will not be available for the defiance bar and will be vulnerable if minions attack you.

With the arrival of hang-gliding in Tyria, a launch pad is available where you can set off. Once launched, you'll have access to two new spells: a damage bomb and another dropping medpacks.

Be careful, if you get too close to the Destroyer, he will automatically imprison you in a prison.

Finally, the revamp of the Destroyer brings a new meta-achievement like Tequatl or Triple Wurm. As usual, you will have to perform several feats of strength such as sending medi-kits to your allies or destroying 1 healing crystal. If you complete all of the Destroyer related achievements, you will gain the back related to it!

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