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Before starting this article, I must warn you. I intend to cover the main events of the galaxy during the days of The Old Republic. Which means that you will find several SPOILERS. So, if you don't want to hear about them and prefer to discover them for yourself in the game, you'd better go your way.

Then, I don't pretend to know every nook and cranny of the game. None of my characters have reached level 50, most of them are still in act I (and I'm in no rush). I haven't experienced most of the events I'm going to talk about yet, I picked up these spoilers by doing some research to get a general background before writing any fan fiction. I therefore apologize to those who find me imprecise or those who find that I do not talk enough about their class. I have only retained the important events from a galactic point of view, but also known (so few imperial agents, whose principle is precisely to operate in the greatest secrecy).

All this being explained, let's get started.


The Treaty of Coruscant officially ended the war between Empire and Republic. But none of the wounds on either side closed. A decade of cold war has by no means cooled the ardor of warmongers on both sides. Tython-trained Jedi apprentices are told they must stand by when the Sith breaks the treaty. These same Sith who are raised or educated out of their slavery by making them dangle all the Jedi they can kill one day. The Mandalorians have decided to launch a new Great Hunt, bringing many bounty hunters and mercenaries into the territory of their Imperial allies who will no longer have any connection with the Republic. Who will ignite the spark that will bring back the war? Perhaps the Grand Moff Killran, the butcher of Coruscant, who takes advantage of the slightest pretext to attack Republican cruisers, like the first pirate to come…

On Ord Mantell, the Republic Army is about to end the separatist rebellion. But discovers that the Empire supports and finances their adversaries. Quickly the eyes of the senior officers turned to another problem: an elite squad of special forces deserted. And even worse, join the enemy. The Republic has other problems. Jedi Masters, members of the Council, fall victim to a strange disease which is said to be the result of a spell on the Dark Side. Worse yet, an Imperial undercover agent is discovered and eliminated. He turns out to be the son of Dark Angral, one of the Empire's main military leaders. And who cries out for revenge.

On the Dromund Kaas side, things are calmer. Or at least more usual. The Sith, whoever they are, are maneuvering and plotting against each other. The Bounty Hunters assemble at the starting point of the Great Hunt. A single event is important enough to make headlines and shock the local population: the Dominator, the admiral cruiser of the member of the Dark Council Dark Jadus is destroyed by terrorists. On board, the Lord Sith but also a whole delegation of important imperial dignitaries. This catastrophe is capable of bringing down Cerberus, the head of the imperial secret services. But the vast majority of the Sith prefer to concentrate on their business, hoping to someday achieve a membership position on the Dark Council. 

Despite all the tensions present, the war has not yet resumed. Under the aegis of Governor Saresh, the Republic can recolonize Taris, a planet close to imperial space. While their rivals consolidate their presence in the Core by crushing the leaders of the Resistance of Balmora. On the neutral territory of Nar Shaddaa, it is the secret services of the two camps which direct the operations. And so do not leave any traces that could be used against them in front of the Hutts who run the system. There are a few isolated duels on Tatooine, but the local criminal organizations and the Sandmen are much more pressing enemies. It is only in Alderaan that the clashes between the two rivals are really direct. The two camps support two opposing armies there in a civil war. Bouris Ulgo said the Usurper, former general of the Republic who resigned to seize power is paying the price for this contribution of external forces. Who will succeed him now that he has fallen? The Empire allowed House Thul to seize the highly symbolic object of the crown. But the Organa have also set in motion several negotiations with the aim of bringing peace to their planet. Departing from the Republic, they could thus find a compromise that would send the two great galactic powers to play elsewhere. But this is not yet the case.

The Jedi can be relieved, the source of the disease plaguing their masters is discovered and eliminated. But they have other matters of concern: the discovery of the Children of the Emperor, special spies because they have the capacity to welcome the spirit and the powers of the head of the Empire within them. They are his most loyal soldiers. Young Kira Carsen has succeeded in rejecting this state to devote herself to the Light side, but she is an isolated case. A smuggler has managed to create some fame for himself by discovering and recovering the fabulous treasure of the legendary Nok Drayen. The Great Hunt sees a new champion crowned. The Eagle terrorists, who murdered Darth Jadus, are eliminated. The plots of some Sith are crowned with success. Others see a grain of sand turn against them and cause them to fall from their pedestal… Darth Angral's crusade has him reunite the elements of a super weapon aboard his flagship cruiser the Pressor. With, he strikes and destroys the republican colony of Uphrades. In the process, he wants to attack Tython but a Jedi commando board and arrests him in time. The Sith who commanded the ancient attack on Coruscant has lived.

The butcher of Coruscant, Grand Moff Kilran, soon follows him to the grave. He intervenes against a Republican commando who came to free a former Jedi master held prisoner by the Empire in his prison in the Maelstrom. Will the knowledge of the escapee be capital when everything seems to indicate that all-out war will resume?

Tensions are increasing in the galaxy. Judging the base of Taris too close to its space, the Empire sends its army to destroy it. At the same time, the Republic sends equally direct aid to meet Balmora's resistance. Quesh, a neutral planet controlled by the Hutts, finds itself the scene of attempts at aggression and intimidation with the aim of pushing the other side to break the Treaty of Alderaan. Even a planet as insignificant as Hoth becomes a zone of clashes and attempts at control.

The Jedi master freed from the imperial prison of the Maelstrom proposes a daring plan to the Republic: to reactivate the Foundry, a factory of war droids that could constitute a second army. The Empire cannot let this happen and is attacking this Foundry. And the Jedi master disappears. Dead? On the run ? The information about him is contradictory, as it has been throughout his life.

The army of the Republic is getting stronger as much as possible. The Jedi are looking for new allies. Corsairs form an auxiliary fleet. Under the aegis of Jedi master Tol Braga, a commando attacks a base owned by the Emperor himself. An operation with mixed success: they manage to injure him, to turn his Fury, his personal executor against him, but cannot kill him. They are already very lucky to make it out alive.

The hole that suddenly appears at the head of the Empire is envious. Dark Baras takes the opportunity to proclaim himself Voice of the Emperor, his representative although he has never met him. Most of the Sith being trapped by their own plots, they have nothing to oppose, to dispute. But they are also used to waiting for everything to try the same thing ...

The Empire discovered that the Republic kept prisoners in its Belsavis prison. Most notably the Dread Masters, a group of very powerful Sith wizards who respond directly to the Emperor. The latter needs to recover them in order to strengthen himself. He names Darth Baras' former apprentice as his new Fury, sending him in the footsteps of his former master. On Voss, the attempts at alliances of the two camps, which lasted for years, finally see their conclusion. The actions of a Sith Inquisitor and a Jedi Consular tip the scales in favor of the Republic. The Empire's secret services were dissolved, some of its leaders accused of treason and members considered loyal incorporated into the army.

It's time to release all this tension. Everything must explode now. And Corellia and its shipyards will be the battleground. Mandalorian mercenaries are sent to spread terror. After their passage, Chancellor Janarus, political head of the Republic, is declared missing. Its successor, formerly Governor Saresh de Taris, must organize the counter-attack. Fortunately, the Sith are not a united army. The Emperor's Fury must eliminate all of Darth Baras' treacheries. Two other important lords face each other in the ancient ritual of Kaggath, only one of them is supposed to leave the living sector. It is however on Korriban that a duel will put an end to the ascension of Dark Tanathon, member of the Black Council. Darth Baras will suffer the same fate. The Empire hits itself in the head.

The Republic's counterattack hurts a lot. Soldiers undermine Imperial forces, knocking out senior officers like General Rakton. The smuggled corsairs use their parallel networks to identify the spies infiltrated in the upper echelons of the Republic. The First Son, the most important of the Emperor's children is identified: it is Syo Bakarn, member of the Jedi Council. He must face his fate. Other Jedi attempt a new direct attack on the Emperor, a raid on Dromund Kaas. With more success this time, the Emperor is left for dead. But he is not yet, he still has secrets unknown to the Republic. But, struck as he was, he is for a time out of the galactic scene ...

The war has therefore resumed. The conflict is widespread. The Republic, battered by the Treaty of Alderaan, regained the upper hand. But the Empire still has many reserves. Even with a split like that of Darth Malgus, who tries to form his own Empire out of Illum. It can be many years before peace returns to the galaxy.

And others can also try to play their luck. The Hut Cartel, led by Supreme Mogul Karagga, has decided to join in the dance. Their resources are hidden and therefore unknown. How far can they hit? There are also threats buried under Belsavis prison, which threaten to free themselves. Who knows what will be the next big move that will shake up this war?

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