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ArenaNet reveals some information about the Draconnier, one of nine new Advanced Specializations for Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns characters.

It is Karl McLain, Game Designer, who reveals the information on this new specialization for guardian, the Draconnier, who is a hunter specialized in combat and remote support.


The fight

This specialization sees in particular a modification of vertus.

  • Virtue of Justice -> Lance of Justice. This spell currently allows your allies to inflict Burn on enemies in addition to the other benefits it grants. Thanks to the Draconnier specialization, Virtue of Justice becomes Spear of Justice, which will allow you to rush on enemies in order to damage and hamper them. Additionally, each enemy in the effect air will receive flaming blasts inflicting Burn.
  • Virtue of Resolve -> Wings of Resolve. Virtue of Resolve will no longer be an instant AoE heal skill, but will grant Wings of Light allowing the Draconnier to leap into an area to heal allies there. It will also be possible to equip an ability to do damage.
  • Virtue of courage -> Shield of courage. Virtue of Courage grants Aegis to allies, the Draconnier's version, shield of courage, will create a shield in front of the player that will protect any ally within range. However, the latter will only protect enemies located in front, leaving the flanks exposed.

The bow

The Draconnier has become a master in the art of wielding the longbow. This weapon is therefore intended to attack from a distance and to help its allies on the battlefield, in particular thanks to Energy symbol, allowing to give Vigor to the allies as well as to Deviant shot, capable of destroying enemy projectiles in the path.


The traps

One of the other characteristics of the Draconnier is the ability to summon light traps activating when an enemy steps on it. In addition, the Draconnier's healing skills will also be available via traps, allowing both to damage enemies while healing.


To end this presentation, here is a small video that allows you to discover the Draconnier in action.

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