GW2 - # S40 - WvW, PvP & Tournaments

Like every week, we find the news around the PvP tournaments and the WvW. Let's go for this week # 40!

World vs. World

American side always a ping-pong for the top of the ranking. On our side (EU), Place de Vizunah continues to climb while Mer de Jade still goes down in the rankings.

Europe Ranking

North American Ranking


Tournaments & Player vs. Player

The PvP leaderboard is still not working properly so no results for this week. Here is a quick recap of the different tournaments that have taken place (only the award winners are listed):

  • Go4GW2 #49
  • WeeklyCupESL (EU)
  • AspectGG
  • AG Weekly

NA server

  1. The Abjured
  2. Spookie
  3. Apex Prime
  4. Team Faded

EU server 

  1. Rank Fifty Five Dragons
  2. Bring on HoT, meta sucks
  3. Vermillion

Weekly Cup 2c2 #66

  1. M I L K B O I S
  2.  r3fl3x gaming

Weekly Cup 5c5 #98

  1. Vermillion
  2. Vicious But Delicious

AWO 2c2 # 22 (NA)

  1. Amon and Bear
  2. Kek ez pz

Academy Gaming # 39 (NA)

  1. Button Mashers
  2. Impossible Solution

Academy Gaming # 31 (EU)

  1. Succulent Sensations
  2. Nothing Personnal


Weekly agenda 41

On the program for next week, we will have the following tournaments:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • AG Weekly # 32 (EU)
  • GW 5c5 Codex Cup # 1 (Spain)
  • AG Weekly #40
  • GW 2c2 Weekly Cup # 67 (EU)
  • GW2 5c5 Weekly Cup # 99 (EU)
  • PUG Quest EU # 10
  • PUG Quest NA # 21
  • Go4 GW2 EU Cup # 50
  • Go4 GW2 NA Cup # 50

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