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This week, Wildstar Wednesday is changing our little habits, being hosted at Wildstar-Central, a US fansite! In addition, it takes the form of a series of questions / answers asked to the "Economy" team of the game. It is a really interesting point because for the moment, we do not know much about it and a good MMO must have a competitive and attractive trade balance, trade being one of the "social" vectors of an MMO.

Equipment modification
Handicrafts will play an important part in the game thanks to this system. In order to have the best possible equipment, it will be necessary to collect resources from a variety of sources, including crafts. This system will be a little more complex and customizable but will influence, among other things, the possibilities of Wow (gems ​​/ enchantment / reforging) in a single system. Changing equipment should be a matter of choice and customization for the player.

All objects can be broken in order to recover elements used to create or modify other objects.

Dyes allow you to change the colors of different patterns in an object.

To have an object with a completely different appearance, it will be possible to use the costume system. This system will allow one piece of equipment to be used to override the appearance of another worn piece of equipment. It is planned to implement equipment specifically designed for this, without statistics.

Binds when equipped / picked up
It is important to have both types, each resulting in a different dynamic. Bind on Equip items are necessary for a robust economy, so there will be plenty of crafted / looted items that can be sold. Most related items can still be broken into components that can be sold.

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