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Hello everyone!

I see you are eager for a guide to the Earth and Water Elementalist at the Stick!

I can already see people moaning "Yep the stick in PvP is making a mess". Stop! Stop. Wait until you read, then you can moan if you want.
And avant!

Earth & Water Elementalist at Staff A master of the four elements, capable of unleashing lightning on enemies while supporting allies with a regenerating downpour, the Elementalist is extremely versatile on the battlefield. Earthquakes and firestorms accompany him as he climbs into battle, but this powerful mage also knows how to defend and support his companions in many ways. At any time, the elementalist can tune with a new element and thus adapt his fighting style to each situation. Elementalist gameplay is characterized by his mastery of four elements primordial: fire, water, air and earth. Each element has a different skill set and style of play. Despite his many defensive skills, the Elementalist remains a caster to theLight Armor who prefers to specialize in the power of their spells. The richness of its gameplay lies in its ability to change elemental affinity to adapt to combat and take advantage of a wider range of skills. You will therefore have 4 affinities with the elements:


The four elemental affinities are accessible using the F1 to F4 keys and are arranged above the weapon skills. The Elementalist can switch from one to the other very quickly in order to adapt to a given situation. When changing affinity, all five weapon skills are changed depending on the item chosen. The previous affinity recharges and will be unusable for about fifteen seconds. An elementalist can therefore frequently change affinity in order to access a varied range of skills. His skills will allow him to remain very versatile or, on the contrary, to prefer to specialize in one or two elements that he will master brilliantly. For example, the staff can thus offer twenty different skills.

  • Igneous affinity : Fire is a source of raw damage covering a large area. It can inflict burn on multiple opponents.
  • Aquatic affinity : Water is the ultimate support element. In particular, it allows you to regenerate your allies. Its offensive aspects focus on alterations.
  • Air affinity : The air offers many electrical attacks that deal a lot of damage. It also allows you to throw opponents away from the caster and blind them. It also ensures great speed to the elementalist and his companions.
  • Earth affinity : The earth combines personal protection and high offensive potential. Heavy area damage, bleeding, and immobilization are just a few examples of this element's abilities.
The activation of each affinity triggers an effect of its own around the elementalist. It is important not to forget this :
  • Feu : An explosion of flames burns his enemies.
  • Water : Her allies are relieved by a wave of healing.
  • Air : A burst of energy electrocutes opponents.
  • Earth : Nearby enemies are surprised by an earthquake.


SKILLS For the explanation of skills:
  • Earth : First of all, an elementalist can only equip in cloth. So you have to know that we, the carriers of tissues, well ... We take a lot of money! There's no point in doing a lot of damage if it's to die soon after. Choosing earth gives you a bonus of 300 resistance as well as a bonus of 300 condition damage. Your bleeding damage is therefore increased tenfold! I'm not going to re-read what you can see but basically you will have even more armor, your bleeds will last longer, and you will deal more damage! What are the people asking for (Bread!).
  • Water : Thanks to the water build you will have 300 bonus points in vitality and 300 bonus in life regeneration. Thanks to the skills you will have even more regeneration, you will be able to inflict vulnerability (reduced defense) and inflict additional damage on vulnerable enemies. Your heals will be increased tenfold and with the stick you have 2 very powerful heals which in addition grant you regeneration bonuses in addition to direct heals. If you play in a group it's even better because each advantage over you grants you 2% more damage.

I added the last aptitude points in arcane because, if you remember correctly, I reminded you that changing affinity gives you a small bonus. Yes yes, go back a little bit above I wrote "It is important not to forget this". Found? Great
The last 10 skill points therefore go into arcane to have these affinity change bonuses for 5 additional seconds.
Plus, the 6th Arcane Point ability grants you stamina (33% chance) when you land critical hits. That's good, we have a spell that allows us to perform critical hits, exactly when we want to, for a little while. Stamina allows us to increase our maximum health points.


GAMEPLAY The change of affinity is important, it is important not to confine yourself only to land or water. Switch your affinity when you feel like it's a good time to have passive bonuses (+5 seconds!) And to use affinity spells. A little need for additional mobility? HOP! We go in the air, we electrocute the opponent, we can blind him (his next shot misses), push him away (there he shoots and bam he misses his shot!) And activate his spell which repels all projectiles. .HOP we go back to earth, unstable ground, eruption, magnetic aura, shock wave HOP we go to water, frozen ground it is eaten -66% of movement speed and makes it unable to dodge (Plus skills in reloading recharge at a third of their normal speed.), shard of ice (5 sec of CD and it stings!). There we have two healing spells to use or not. You can then go back to fire and use the available spells while waiting for the earth to be reusable. It was a small example to show that in combat we have to change affinities often while keeping in mind that we are a monster in affinity land and water. Also, don't forget to move around a lot, to dodge. CARE - UTILITY - ELITE SKILLS Care: So I took the aura of restoration. We gain life every time we cast a spell. Combined with our strong regeneration of water and our care ... well it's more than effective. You can also activate it to have a bonus of life in the event of a hard blow. A must have. Utility: A seal of the earth for even more Toughness. You can also activate the seal to immobilize the opponent for a few seconds || Earth Armor grants protection (-33% damage) and stability (cannot be knocked down) || Arcane Power makes subsequent attacks (for a few seconds) ALL critical, which is very effective. That is the demand of the people! (BREAD, WE SAID !!). Elite: A tornado ... Well, that's enough to scare the opponent! Already he could not kill you with all these points of life, this armor, your maddening damage ... Here you are "twirled"! Mwahahah! So you throw enemies you hit and inflict damage on them. For 15 seconds you can't stop or knock yourself over. Magnificent. Advantage:
  • You will be very resistant
  • Your damage will be mainly based on bleeding (earth), burning (fire) benefits a little from your bonuses linked to earth. As well as large direct damage
  • A lot of control of the opponent which will make him rage well
  • Your increased life regeneration and maddening amount of healing
  • Your stability and long-range spells
  • it will take experience to master your affinity change orders
  • Plan the actions and movements of players
  • Know his cooldown and his spells perfectly! Here no "I MASSACRE THE KEYS AT HASAAAAAAAAAARD!" You really have to think about everything you do. Once mastered you will be a living god!


Do not hesitate to give your opinion on this build, I hope you read everything correctly, that I was able to give you a little help.

(Talents added soon)

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