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Structured PvP involves pitting teams of players against each other on battlefields.

To access it, you must first have completed the introduction of your character then, as soon as you want to enter PvP, press the H key: this will open your character window. The last tab, represented by two crossed swords will give you the option to join the mists.

There is also another way to access it, justified by the world of the game. The areas where PvP takes place are located in the mists. These are the heart of the universe and the source of the existence of all things. It is a place where all the worlds and kingdoms of Tyria come together. A place that echoes them by reproducing fragments of their reality. Source of good and evil, they bring together the past, the present and the future. Only breaches make it possible to reach them. And precisely, there is a breach in the city of lion's arch, in the form of an Asura teleportation portal.

Once the loading page is complete, you will appear in the PvP home and you will also notice that all of your gear as well as your skills and level have been boosted to their full potential. So here you are level 80 with a sacred clothe Basic PvP gear and aptitudes, lots of spells. It's up to you to adjust them as you see fit!

If this is your first foray into the mists, you will have a little tutorial that you can decide whether or not to follow. For beginners, it is better to start at the beginning, so let's start this tutorial.

You will have 3 things to do before arriving at the PvP reception :

  • Caring for soldiers on the ground
  • Kill enemies
  • Take capture points

Once the tutorial is complete, you will arrive on the main island of the Mists: the PvP home.

This reception offers you many services including sellers, coaches, training areas, a mystical PvP forge, the NPC dedicated to structured battlefields, an NPC for PvP tournamentsEtc. ...

A PvP instructor can walk you through all the tricks of this island if you get lost.

These mists therefore include 5 islands: PvP welcome, Memories of the past, Battle of Kyhlo, Nyflhel Forest et Capricorn Assault.

You will understand, it is therefore the 4 battlefields that Guild Wars 2 offers. We could even think of a 6th island north of the reception which could be opened later.

Structured PvP pits two teams against each other on a battlefield, but there are several ways to participate.

  • Tournaments

The players can choose to form a team of 5 players beforehand to face other teams also formed by the players: this is the tournament mode. From what we know, tournaments take place at variable frequency and offer different rewards depending on the player's experience. This mode is part of the competition. There are several types of tournaments:


  • The quick-access tournament :
    It brings together 8 teams and takes place in 3 elimination rounds. The winning team receives qualification points.
  • The monthly tournament :
    It requires a certain number of qualifying points to participate.
  • The annual tournament :
    It brings together the winners of the monthly tournaments and allows them to compete for the title of best PvP player of the year.
  • The organized tournament :
    The rules for this type of tournament are defined by the players. Take the victory there and you can boast as you wish.


  • Quick-access

there is an NPC offering a list of games in progress, it's up to you to choose the game that appeals to you the most. Once your PvP game is over, another one follows and so on.

At any time you are free to quit a game because the game automatically balances. If you don't quit the game, once the fight is over (win or lose), the game loads the next card and a new match takes place. Automatic balancing occurs when there is a gap of at least 2 players between competing teams, regardless of the scoring status. Thus, even if the opposing team which has 1 player more than yours leads you by 200 points, the game will be considered balanced.
A message asks if you would like to volunteer to rebalance the match. If after a few seconds, the teams remain unbalanced, the game randomly selects one or more players and switches them to the opposing team.


The trends

There is currently only one game mode: conquest mode
This mode consists of totaling a score of 500 points before the opposing team, or reaching the highest score at the end of the allotted time, ie 15 minutes.

Points are earned by killing enemy players and storming the battlefield control points

Capture points

All of this capture points are strategic areas of the map, 3 in number, which allow you to earn points at the rate of 1 point every 2 seconds per controlled capture point. These zones are visible thanks to a colored circle which delimits their perimeter as well as to an icon which overhangs them. To capture them you have to position yourself inside the circle. A capture gauge then appears which gradually fills up by dressing up in the colors of the team that captures it.

To capture a control point it is absolutely necessary to eliminate the surrounding enemies who are in the circle. Once this is done, the capture bar fills up. The number of players present in the area has no influence on the capture or neutralization time. Minions, familiars, and other summons cannot capture a control point or contest its capture. A control point is captured in 14 seconds while its neutralization takes 5 seconds. You must therefore protect your points.

The interface indicates in various ways what the state of a capture point is. The capture points are divided into two circles.
The central circle indicates, by its color, the influence under which it is. A blue central circle indicates that this capture point belongs to you, a red indicates that it is the adversary who controls it, a gray that it is not under any influence. A second circle surrounds the one in the center. It indicates by its color the team which captures the point. It can therefore be either blue or red.
For example, in the image on the left, a member of the blue team is neutralizing a capture point from the red team. When the point is neutralized, the central circle will turn gray, stopping the supply of points for the opposing team, then will turn blue when the capture is complete. If no one captures or neutralizes the point, the outer circle automatically changes to the color of the central circle.

You also have an overview of the status of all the capture points on the map, at the top of your screen, under the countdown timer.

  • All symbols are grayed out. All the outposts are neutral, it is the start of the fight.
  • Swords embedded in the symbols indicate that a capture is in progress.
  • When the capture is complete, the swords disappear and the symbol changes to the color of the team that captured it.
  • The two axes covering a symbol indicate that a neutralization is in progress.
  • If you are neutralizing or capturing a point and an enemy enters the control point area, you must push them back or kill them in order to continue neutralizing or capturing. The capture, like the defense of a capture point, takes the form of a dynamic event on your interface.


There are two uses for points in a PvP match. First, and this is the main goal, the points must be accumulated to obtain the victory of your team. But your team isn't the only one earning points. Each player has a personal score which indicates the number of points he has gained for his actions. It does not indicate your contribution to the total score of your team but gives an order of magnitude of the participation of each in the match. It is possible that you have a high personal score but you are not the one who contributed the most to your team's score. At the end of each fight, a window summarizes the scores obtained by team and by player. It also shows the detail of what you have accomplished for each statistic along with the number of points you have earned.

In this table, you will find a summary of the points that the achievement of a goal is worth for each statistic.

Distribution of points

* in other words, defeat enemies who contest the capture of a control point.

Other information

  • At the beginning of the page I told you about the fact that your character was up to level 80, that all his abilities were unlocked, etc ... If you have already done PvP and you decide to return after a PvE session, you will find the model (build + skills) that you had the last time you left PvP mode.
  • In PvP, it is possible to eliminate a prone enemy in one fell swoop using the "Finish him off!" Command. or the F key when you are close to him.
  • Finally, the matches pitted all PvP players against each other, regardless of the server they are on.
  • When you die, a table will appear detailing the spells that caused your death.


Glory Points are an indicator of your structured PvP experience. Depending on the number of Glory Points accumulated, the game will pit you against players with a similar level of Glory Points accumulated when you do PvP in Quick Access. You will always be sure to face players with a PvP experience similar to yours.. Accumulated Glory Points represent the total Glory Points you have earned by doing PvP since your first Glory Point earned. It doesn't matter whether you spend them or not, the amount of Glory Points accumulated cannot decrease.

Glory points are also used as currency, like karma for example. This will give you access to weapons and armor from NPCs selling glory in the Heart of the Mists. The number of Glory Points accumulated determines your rank and therefore the Glory Sellers you can turn to. Sellers of higher ranks offer different-looking gear.

Here is a table summarizing the conversions that are made between your points and glory points.

Distribution of glory

Note that glory points are only obtained at the end of a match.



At the moment, there are 4 cards but it is not unlikely that new ones will emerge in the following months. The maps all have different layouts and side objectives that can help your team achieve victory.

The Battle of Kyhlo

Anecdotally, the Mists take players back in time to the days of the Guild Wars, when King Adelbern's guild, the Chosen of Ascalon, faced off against the Disciples of the Shiverpeak, an Orrian guild. It was during this battle that Devona's father, Mordakai, died along with a companion named Burian. The Battle of Kyhlo provides each team with a trebuchet. It can severely injure opposing players and destroy the environment. Trebuchets can be destroyed by enemy players but repair kits appear on the map in order to repair them: blue, in the area at the southwest corner of the belfry, red in the area at the north corner. is.
The three capture points are the mill, to the north, the belfry, in the center, and the manor, to the south. The bases are located respectively to the north-west and south-east.

Distribution of points


Niflhel forest

The forest of Niflhel stages two dynamic events in the form of NPCs to be defeated. These NPCs appear after the first minute of combat has elapsed. They are hostile to both teams and reappear 3 minutes after their death. It is the player who delivers the final blow who gets the points for him and his team.
To the northwest is Chief Utahein, a jotun. To the northeast is Svanir, Jora's brother before he was corrupted by the power of the Ancient Dragon Jormag and assumed the form of the evil bear we face in Guild Wars. The Mists therefore send us back to the past.
The three capture points are the cromlech to the west, the fort to the north, and the mine to the east. The bases are located in the southwest and southeast, respectively.

Distribution of points

* in other words, Svanir or the chief Utahein.

Legacy of the Belligerent Fire

This card takes Guild Wars players back to a situation they are probably familiar with: the presence in each camp of a guild lord and his close guard. A winning strategy will not be able to afford to override its NPCs because defeating the opposing lord and protecting that of his team are decisive parameters to hope for victory.
The Mists here refer players to the days when the King of Ascalon used his magical sword to unleash Belligerent Fire, a powerful magic that killed scores of charr and turned Ascalonian soldiers into ghosts during the siege of the capital.
The three capture points are the waterfall in the northwest, the sanctuary in the center, and the quarry in the southeast. The bases are located in the northeast and southwest, respectively.

Distribution of points


Assault on Capricorn

The Mists invite players to compete against each other both on a sandy beach and in water populated by sharks. They defend the control point located to the north, in a cave accessible by submarine route. Capture the point and they become your allies, attacking your opponents in all sea areas of the map.
The other particularity lies in the gun located to the south and which offers a very appreciable firing power. But to use this weapon, it will be necessary to bring cannonballs located on the pontoon of the ship parked in the center of the map. You may also find Liquid Courage there, an environmental skill that will make you invincible for 3 seconds.
The three capture points are the ruins to the north, the wharf to the southwest, and the beach to the southeast. The bases are located respectively to the north-west and north-east.

Distribution of points

This is a basic map, so you have to kill the enemies and capture the points.


Temple of the Silent Storm

This card is a position capture mode. You will need to capture and protect the points of the map in order to earn points for your team. There are 3 points on the map + 1 bonus appearing from time to time and allowing you to get all the positions at a cost! An invaluable bonus.

Distribution of points


Observatory of spirits

It's a Capture the Flag mode.

Here's how the matches will play out: At the start of the encounter, the Orb of Ascension appears on an altar in the center of the map. Only the fastest players can try to grab it. The player who succeeds in taking the Orb must then bring it to one of the three capture points, the Wolf, Raven and Bear Sanctuaries, in the surrounding cliffs. The player carrying the Orb still has access to all of his skills, but his movement speed is reduced by 40% and he cannot use the stealth ability or the speed skill. If he teleports or ends up on the ground, he loses the Orb.

Once the Ascension Orb is dropped into one of the shrines, the corresponding Nature Spirit awakens and immediately grants bonus points to the team that brought it to him. If your team controls the sanctuary in question, they score 30 points, and if not, they only score 15 points. If the Orb is brought to an opponent-controlled Sanctuary, the capture point instantly reverts to neutral! The Orb reappears on the altar 10 seconds after being placed in a shrine.

Distribution of points


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