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The time has come to finally reveal to you the end of this long and perilous adventure of my named guardian… Touftouf!

The adventure lasted almost 1 year (11 months to be exact but much shorter in reality because of the IRL! In short ...), but this first part is soon coming to an end: our dear Touftouf has finally ended during the reign of the new emperor and has now gone into exile to train for his next challenge.

Here is the first part that I propose to you: The battle for Ilum.


Nothing extraordinary to say because after rubbing shoulders with Sav-Rak from the Lost Island, nothing frightens me any more.

To spice up the solotage of these last 2 contentious areas, I imposed a few restrictions on myself:

  • Equipment level 50 and statistics close to level 49/50 (Despite my level 51, do not trust, I have very rotten statistics compared to level 49!)
  • Solotage of Malgus HM with this same equipment (i.e. 442.985 PV!)
  • Prohibition to use the following spells: Heroic Instant, Unity, Saber Reflection. However, I will make an exception on the Unity spell for Malgus HM.
  • Reset Expert Strike to 33% instead of 100% (1 point instead of 3)
  • Use of TN weapon only against Malgus HM
  • Clean the 2 instances with the Vigilance version 2.6 specialization


Finally, I'm going to end on this parenthesis to elucidate a question often asked: why do you take the head to do this kind of challenge and what is the point of doing hot spots solo when we can do it as a group?

First of all, I love doing the "PvE challenge" and I wanted to change my way of pex on this reroll: I find that it is an excellent experience because we discover these contentious areas from another angle in solo unlike in groups where it's completely bland and with very little interest (just see the new ZLs that have been released recently… my god!).

Plus, it's a great way to get to know your class and use it in different ways.

The only detail that I find regrettable is the Big Up of the Guardian: abusive reset of the Expert Strike (so far good… m'okay) and the Concentrated Defense which makes the class totally imba in PvP. Fortunately I did well to finish these ZLs before the up! But for the ZLs HM 55, I will not have at all the same pleasure that I had before because there was a certain merit to do these exploits with this class which was unconventional at the time.


With that, good viewing everyone and thank you for your support, feel free to subscribe or like!

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