GW2 - The Blaze: A Guide to Achievements

With the arrival of episode 2 of season 3 of The Living World, certain successes related to the story and the new Baie des Embers map have been implemented. In this guide, you will find explanations for each of the achievements. Completing the 26 achievements of the episode will unlock the achievement Ember Bay Mastery giving you 5 and a Dragonscale Shoulder Skin.


Success of the column

During the story of the chronicle, you will be able to achieve certain achievements in the open world or in instances:

  • Open world
  • Taimi game
  • Dragon Watcher
  • Collecting the Destroyer : Help Taimi by collecting a destroyer sample
  • A head is better than none : Help the Asura scout find out what's going on in the Skritt Pirate Camp.
  • On the way to the circus : turn on the dwarf machine near the circus
  • The Flame Machine : Repairing the Fractured Caldera Dwarf Machine
  • Enemies and ghosts of the past : bypass the Mursaat defenses
  • Winning the game of Taimi : end the instance in scenario mode
  • 10 best simulations (10 ): end the instance without dying.
    This success is not very complicated if there are several of you. If you are alone, be sure to take a ranged weapon and use the water ball to suppress areas of fire.
  • Dragon Watcher (1 Pt): end the instance in scenario mode.
  • Dragon chore (10 + 1 ): end the instance without dying.
    Success becoming simpler to several because the waves of destroyers are quite numerous and violent.
  • Me gnome, you destroyer(1 ): kill forty destroyers with their own bombs.
    As soon as a message appears, you can retrieve the bomb from the ground to send it back to the destroyers. Remember to take their lives down a bit so that they die with the detonation.
  • Bombs prohibited (1 ): prevent destroyer bombs from exploding.
  • Maintain Aurene's shield(2  and dragon cap box): do not let Aurene's shield drop below 50%.
    Simple to many, you should know that the shield recharges frequently. Remember to quickly target non-attacking monsters.


Open world

The rest of the achievements will require you to do several tasks like completing events or bosses as well as collecting certain items on the map. The maps with the locations are shown in each of the parts below:

  • Events / Bosses
  • Objects
  • Exploration
  • Task master (5 ): Complete all Ember Bay missions (Heart of Fame)
  • Benefactor of Skrilla (5 ): give 3 gold to Skrilla near the Skritt Anchorage area (Orange point)
  • Coalescence recovery (1 ): participate and succeed in card coalescence events (Green point)
  • Dominate the Dominator (3 ): kill the fusion dominator near the burning cave
  • Vermingus the Burning Wurm (3 ): kill the lava wurm near the Fractured Caldera
  • Breeder near the bay (3 ): kill spawner drake southwest of the shipwreck beach
  • Karka akkaparé (3 ): kill the champion karka near the Ash Reef
  • Return of the Jade Sentry (3 ): Kill the Pyroclastic Jade Sentry near the Caliph's March
  • King / Queen of the Isles of Fire (3 ): defeat the circus sloth near the Performance field

  • Trophy collector (40 +1 Smart Aberration): Collect Mursaat Trophies from Ember Bay (Orange Point)
  • Cami's Ultimate Journey (7 +1 Magically Corrupted Package): Collect Cami's Journal Entries (Green Dot)
  • Invisible shelves - In progress (10  + 1 Magic Corrupt Pack): Recover Mursaat Tablets (Purple Dot)

  • Metallic mountain (1  + 1Pt): find the highest point in the Ember Bay.
    To do this, you need to head to the Fire Cave (South) and catch the upwind that appears after defeating the Dominator. With that done, head to the north pipe to be propelled and unlock the achievement
  • Volcano jump (10 + 1 ): Complete the map jumping puzzle (Dulfy Video).
  • Walking on embers (1 ): explore the lava tunnel on the map.
    From inside the Caldera, find the lava stream heading east with an updraft. Follow this current through a tunnel to validate success.
  • Hungry Hal (8 + 1 + Title: Delicious Apple): Find and feed the Hungry Hal. The apple trees are located south of cirque bay.
  • Client (5 + Title: I am rich): the arms dealer near the circus offers you to buy an item for 1000 gold pieces.
  • Bloody Flesh (1 + 1 ): Obtain the mastery point near the ash reef.
  • Caliph Steps (1  + 1 ) Obtain mastery point (only available after killing the Sentinel of Pyroclastic Jade.


Now it's up to you to go hunting for success!

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