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After some problems last night, H1Z1 is launched! The zombies are unleashed!


You can therefore find two offers on Steam. The basic offer, at 19.99 €, will allow you to play immediately. In addition, you will have 3 tickets for events, 1 keys and 2 boxes.

The second offer is 36.99 € and offers 25 event tickets, 3 parachuting tickets, 6 crates, 4 keys and a recipe to create a magnificent aviator hat.

To follow the news of the game and start the adventure, there are different links to know:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit: Developers are using it as a tool to get our feedback. So if you have an idea, post on Reddit!
  • FAQ
  • Roadmap

To survive, here are some tips:

  1. To keep a low profile. Everyone wants you dead so avoid getting noticed. Starting a car, building a fire, using a gun or cutting down a tree is not very discreet.
  2. Look under each rock. There are things that can be used everywhere. A water bottle can be filled at the lake (remember to boil the water!).
  3. Living nature. Wild areas are inhabited by wild animals which can be dangerous. They can kill you, but also feed you or serve as a distraction for zombies.
  4. Craftsmanship is the key! It is not possible to find everything so you have to create certain things. We come back to tip 2: collect everything, it can be useful! You have to start with the simple things, like bandages, until you progress and learn how to make structures.
  5. Get the latest information. You have to follow social media to stay informed of the news!
  6. Vehicles, gift and curse. There are very few functioning vehicles. They are useful for traveling fast, protecting yourself from zombies and storing equipment. But it immediately alerts of its presence (not good compared to rule 1). Always make sure that the car is ready to go immediately.
  7. Learn who to believe / not to believe. Everyone is trying to survive at all costs. Some survivors will want to cooperate, others will prefer to kill you and get your possessions back.
  8. Know what to expect. H1Z1 is not finished. There are going to be crashes and bugs.
  9. Building a house ... Creating a camp brings many advantages, for example, allowing you to create rainwater collectors in order to have drinking water or to plant seeds to eat. With walls, the zombies will stay away.
  10. ... and defend his house. Bandits may want to take over your camp. It will have to be defended against any threat, set traps, watch and why not arrange for zombies to hang around to ensure its peace?

So much for these tips! If you have already set foot in the land of H1Z1, do not hesitate to tell us about it in the comments!

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