H1Z1 - Patch of 16/04

After the small update of last week (which added the possibility of seeing certain statistics and a new stamina gauge), Daybreak returns this time with a patch a bit more substantial which will modify some elements of the game and add new ones. possibilities.


Group system

  • A new "Group" tab has appeared, you will find it in the inventory window.
  • An option to automatically decline invitations has been added, just check the appropriate box in the options.
  • The "Disband" and "Kick" boxes are automatically disabled when you are not in a group.
  • If you are not a party leader, the option "Kick" will be replaced by "Leave" and it will be impossible to invite other players.
  • To invite a player, just enter their name and, if it exists, they will receive a notification.
  • If a player is part of your group, their name will be displayed in green.



  • We can now discover and make boxes to accommodate bees. After putting it down, the bees will arrive quickly and immediately go to work. The bees will provide honey, which will be stored on a maximum of 5 honeycombs. It will be possible to collect the honey in empty bottles.
  • Hitting a beehive will provoke the bees, which will immediately attack you.
  • It is possible to eat honey. The latter gives energy, health and endurance. Eating honeycomb gives the same bonuses, to a lesser extent.
  • You can couple 5 bandages to a jar of honey to obtain a superior quality bandage, which heals more.



  • Addition of wax, which makes it possible to make candles.
  • Rest time reduced to 20 seconds.
  • Avatar speed reduced when swimming.
  • Battle Royale: Return of Emotes!
  • The drop in health is now greater when the character is hungry and / or dehydrated.
  • Added molotov cocktails.
  • The character's breathing will now be stronger if you lack energy. Animation will soon be added to the sound.

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