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Over time, lush green vegetation has spread over Dragon Shire, covering the once charred realm of Dragon Peak to give it a deceptively peaceful appearance. But it is behind this green paradise that the ancestral power of the dragons has been imprisoned ... and their descendants have neither forgotten nor forgiven the offenses of their enemies. Fortunately, controlling the Dragon Warrior isn't easy, and you and your team are going to have to coordinate to get hold of it.

First things first: Blizzard offers an overview video of the map, which is shown below:



The map in detail

The County of the Dragon is a very large map, with 3 lanes, where as said above, your objective will be to awaken the Dragon Warrior in the center of the map, in orange. But his power isn't acquired that easily - you and your team will need to coordinate in order to control both Moon and Sun Shrines at the same time before you can claim to use his power. For that, we will need heroes able to stay a long time on a fixed point, able to hold his position!


Control of Sanctuaries, the Power of a Dragon

Control of the Dragon Warrior is not in the hands of whoever wants it. You will have to earn it, by coordinating your team to take power!

We therefore recap the three crucial stages of the County of the Dragon:

  1. Control the shrines. Your team must control both shrines to activate the Dragon Knight Statue.

  2. Free the dragon knight. Once the statue is activated, send a hero to free the dragon knight from his prison!

  3. Destroy enemy strongholds. Use the immense power of the dragon to raze the strong enemies!

Control of this devastating entity, as always, brings incredible pressure. Here are some tips in more detail:

  • The best arrangement is the "1-1-3". This gives you control of the bot lane, so you ensure control of at least one of the two Altars, but also and most importantly the easy access to the siege camps in the middle of the map, as well as the hitter camp all over. South.
  • Whatever your team layout, you're going to need someone strong on the toplane. Zagara, for example, is an excellent laner.
  • Remember this: the first Dragon Warrior is weak. Gaining experience early in the game will be more interesting than having a Dragon Warrior quickly at all costs.
  • Considering the fact that you will end up with 3 players in a bot lane, try to push as much as possible. Having a fort quickly will give you a good lead from the start of the game.
  • After the twentieth minute has passed, the Dragon Warrior becomes very, very dangerous. Indeed, a few blows are enough to destroy any structure.
  • If your opponents take control of the Dragon Warrior, your team must retreat quickly in order to defend at 5 against such a threat.
  • Unlike Gardens of Terror, the Dragon Warrior hits half as hard on heroes as they do on structures. However, he slaps hell for a while.
  • As an indication, the first Dragon Warrior inflicts 280 damage to structures per attack. The fifth inflicts 1120 per attack. (Yes, it pushes hard.)



Timers & infos

The main timers to remember are related to the Altars which will grant you the power to embody the Dragon:

  • The first altars appear at 1 minute 15 seconds.
  • After the Dragon Warrior falls, the Altars reappear 2 minutes later.



The key heroes

Some heroes, by their kit and gameplay, are better on certain maps. Here are the ones that are strong on Dragon Shire:


  • ETC : Good area controls, the restricted areas of the Altars allow him to put August (R) devastating ... Top in the cow! (Again and again...)
  • Johanna : Excels when it comes to staying in the middle of the fray and annoying everyone, she'll hold an Altar forever.
  • Kael'Thas : An excellent ability to zone his opponents, scandalous area damage at the end of the game, he will make a formidable combination with Johanna.
  • Malfurion : Very strong long-term care, good area control with its Branches (Z), he can really make a difference in long fights. In lane, he will be able to restore mana and life to his companions.
  • Sylvanas : Pusher of the extreme, its ability to deactivate the turrets will allow you to push very quickly in bot lane. His ability to teamfight is just as good, especially thanks to his ultimate, Moaning Arrow (R).
  • Zagara : As said above, an excellent toplaner, controlling his opponent very well by dominating him completely.



Example of game pro




You now know Dragon County by heart! Unleash the power of the Dragon on your opponents, and roast them well!

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