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This map is a haunted forest ruled by the Raven Lord, a mysterious entity capable of cursing people. Fortunately for you, he will curse the opposing team more than yours with this guide! 

First things first: Blizzard offers an overview video of the map, which is shown below:



The map in detail

The Vale of Doom is a 3 lane map, where the main objective is to offer Tributes to the Raven Lord, tributes that appear randomly in one of the predefined locations. They are represented in orange on the map. Once three tributes are collected, you will obtain favors from Lord Crow, and the opposing team will fall into disuse. He will then curse the opposing team, reducing the health points of the minions to 1 and preventing the opposing structures (except the Nexus) from firing for a period of time.


The tributes

The Lord will regularly claim tribute in his name. Each tribute will appear 2-3 minutes after capturing the previous one, with a slightly larger pause after a curse. Your team will have to fight to capture these tributes, often for a while! Prepare for some gaze battles, you'll have to go the distance.

Winning the favor of the Raven Lord is not easy, you will need to do the following:

  1. Collect tributes. The raven lord periodically creates tributes. Get it for your team!
  2. Curse your enemies. Once you get three tributes, the Raven Lord will curse your enemies.
  3. Forts and cursed servants. The cursed forts will not be able to attack and the cursed minions will have only one hit point left.

A curse from the Raven Lord puts immense pressure on the entire map. Take the opportunity to take objectives at the level of structures, or even enemy heroes who would like to defend their buildings a little too much ... Here are some tips in more detail:

  • The ideal start is a 1-3-1 formation, i.e. 1 top hero, 3 mid and 1 botlane, in order to have the possibility of moving your team quickly in sufficient numbers to the place of appearance of a tribute in order to challenge it.
  • Once the Fort Midlane is destroyed, you can change your disposition to transfer the pressure to another lane, switching to 1-1-3 or 3-1-1, depending on your preference.
  • You will understand, when a tribute appears, it becomes the top priority. Quickly converge towards it in order to seize it!
  • You can choose to leave a tribute voluntarily in order to make up for any delay in experience or, on the contrary, take the advantage, for example, having level 10 during a fight for a tribute is a huge advantage!
  • Taking the boss when you have 2 tributes can create a diversion long enough to take the third tribute. In general, spending all of a curse on bossing isn't a good thing. Right before or right after a curse is the perfect time!
  • When there are few structures left to the opponent (1 bastion for example), the value of tributes decreases enormously. Unless you have an opponent with 2 tributes, there is no point in blindly pouncing on it! Continue to push your advantage, take the opposing boss or a hitter camp, it's more profitable.
  • Don't die. This may seem stupid, but this card requires good teamplay (editor's note: team play, implied coordinated) so all the players alive, together, in order to best challenge the tributes!



Timers & infos

  • The tributes appear in a random period of time, between 2 and 3 minutes between each one.
  • The curse lasts 1:10, and does not increase over time.
  • You keep the number of tributes collected, even after an opponent's curse.
  • The map is very large, take this into account when traveling to join a tribute.



The key heroes

Some heroes, by their kit and gameplay, are better on certain maps. Here are those who are strong on the Heavenly Temple:

The Lost Vikings

  • ETC : Good zone controls, tight lanes in all directions that allow him to put August (R) devastating ... Top in the cow! (Again...)
  • Jaina : A scandalous burst in narrow areas, a Ring of Frost (R) devastating or a elementary able to zone a lot, as she says: "I am here to help you!"
  • Kael'Thas : An impressive zoning capacity, and scandalous damage to enemies grouped together.
  • Luisaile : Very high mobility thanks to its mount, its cost-free heal in mana is particularly good in long fights.
  • Tychus : Excellent in teamfight with his Requisition of the Odin (R), or so Drakken Laser Drill (R).
  • Uther : Very strong care, very good controls, he can really make the difference in long fights.
  • The Lost Vikings: A monstrous experience contribution that can give the advantage very quickly, as well as an ability to teamfight ridiculous past level 10 and obtaining Everyone to the Drakkar! (R).
  • Zeratul : Able to scout (note: spot the opposing team), he can put Void Prison (R) giving his team a huge advantage.



Example of game pro

We find here a game played by the team of Nazka and Nisador, where each of the teams shows an excellent level of play, good examples of teamfights, and passages where the teams look at each other around the tribute.




You now know Val Maudit like the back of your hand! The Raven Lord will curse your opponents, and you will bless him!

Perfect Nazka See you soon for new articles and guides on Heroes of the Storm, in the meantime, Nova kisses you!

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