WoW - Draenor: Death Looks So Good (Spoiler Free)

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Draenor's planned invasion is coming soon. As a good element of war, I'd be willing to bet you've all prepared yourself already. That you have sharpened your blades, sharpened your arrows, and revised all your spells. Not true ? You only think about fighting and victory, but have you really thought about your death? No ? You should ... Because in Draenor death is not the end of life, besides being very painful.


Before discussing the state itself, let's talk a little about the act. You will land on a wild land where those who inhabit it are of extraordinary brutality and cruelty. Nature also has a say and this is not in your favor. Without saying more - it shouldn't make it too easy for you, Death also needs her small daily quota even though I have no contract with her - see how the Orcs of Draenor treat enemy corpses.

The dead are counted by ten, the corpses pile up, they have to be useful for something. And since they have the wisdom not to move - perhaps the only good thing about death in Draenor, be happy; in Lordaeron, that does not prevent them - they therefore serve as decoration, for all to see. Fortunately, you breathed your last, your death being a sign of weakness, you could have been ashamed.

Now that you are dead - and most certainly impaled like those Ogres; or, failing that, served as a meal for the flora or fauna - let's move on to your soul, to the state of death itself. Don't worry, you will have a lot more choice in death. Although you are not the one choosing.

In Draenor, a resting point six feet underground. No no no. However, you have two possible spells.

Let's start with the less enviable perhaps, the picture drawn up is already black anyway, it would be fashionable to end on a little note of hope. In one part of Nagrand, souls begin to wander. If you play a Night Elf, you won't be confused and you can easily imagine that these are wisps. More or less aggressive ... Especially more in fact ... No, let's not lie to us, they will attack you for life to tear them away from you. Of life. Hey, why would you live and not them?

Oh, fear not, your soul may be able to end well. May be.

As in the Spiers of Arak (Editor's note: it seems to me, I don't remember very well) where the souls of a certain village seem rather happy. Well, not all of them, only those of the hostel. But happy with what? To be all dead? But no ! Happy to be able to party for eternity (Editor's note: although I did not have the chance to finish this series of quest as fun as it was interesting, it was bugged at the time)!

You can drink without consequence, you can laugh as much as you want! And above all, even if Mom has always forbidden you, you think of dancing on the table to amuse the gallery!

Small variant, you can also dance on your bed. Or sleep there if you are a killjoy. But then you really would be a real killjoy. You squeaked while you were alive, I'm very glad, dance now!


Rest assured whether you die or not, anything you can do in Draenor will be epic. If you die, you can just drop by to say hello from the grave.

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