SWTOR - ZL: The Foundry (History)

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The Foundry is the continuation of the first Flashpoint "Boarding Party", you will not be able to access the Foundry until you have completed it.



Back with Moff Phennir and Darth Malgus, you learn a little more about the Foundry, It is one of the three ancient Rakata space stations: The Star Forge. She is capable of creating endless armies of droids without ever stopping, under the control of a Jedi master who has surely gone mad over centuries of imprisonment. The consequences could be dangerous for the Empire. Meet aboard Dorin's Sky to launch the assault on the Foundry.



The Foundry is a rather long and frankly well done Flashpoint, fans of KOTOR 1 and 2 are going to be really happy to do it. Once in the Foundry, start killing all the Republic troops that separate you from the entrance, don't forget to progress by completing the bonus missions, which will unlock a bonus boss.

  • Step 1 : kill the forces of the Republic / 55
  • Step 2 : destroy extermination droids / 50
  • Step 3 : neutralize the generators / 4
  • Step 4 : destroy reporting tags / 2
  • Final step : Defeat the Burrowing Matriarch
  • Independent bonus : retrieve data from the Foundry / 20


Foundry Guardian

Point of view : 71 601

capacity :

  • Molten Burst: High damage to target, cannot be interrupted

This boss is more like an appetizer, it is not particularly complicated.



Point of view : 109 057

capacity :

  • Flamethrower: Throws flames in front of him in a cone
  • Projection: projects the target back
  • Sniping: powerful shot at the target
  • Breath of Power: Shot Incorporated at a Target
  • Suppression Burst: Cone Shot in Front of Him

This fight will be a sequence of two phases:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2

Around 80, 60, 40, 20%, it will disappear and will spawn two reinforcements, which will have to be eliminated quickly.

Once eliminated, it will reappear for a few moments, eventually going to the middle and disappearing into the energy core. Do not follow him in the middle, death is assured.

HK is locked in the box in the center. Reinforcements will arrive from the elevators. Eliminate them, which will bring HK out of its hiding place. You can also destroy the controls on the sub, but this is not useful in Story Mode.


From there, you should have completed step 3 of the bonus mission. If you don't have 50 Kill Droids counted yet, you can move forward a bit after exiting the compound. You will still find a few more droids. You will then only have to return to the HK room to destroy the generators from step 4.


Boss Bonus : Matriarche fouisseuse

Point of view : 47 734

capacity :

  • Toxic Spit: Throws spit at a player, leaving an area of ​​damage. To get out quickly
  • Project nearby players


Exterminateur N4-10

Point of view : 35 935

capacity :

  • Plasma Cell: Ranged attacks deal damage over time
  • Heat ray: Channeling on target, to be interrupted
  • Ground probe (red zone), throwing flames


Dark Revan

Point of view : 200 487

capacity :

Darth Revan adopts two different postures. Balance of Force (100 to 50%) gives him these techniques:

  • Force Power: buff that increases damage by 200% for 10 seconds, must be interrupted
  • Attracts a player to him
  • Saber Throw: Throws his saber at a target
  • Shock: hits the ground and throws nearby players
  • Expert Strike: Melee attack, able to stun the target, can be interrupted

From 50%, it will sink into the dark side (Power of the dark side):

  • Expert Strike will be replaced by Force Bolt, can be interrupted
  • Will regularly pull players towards him then cast a Force Storm, can be interrupted

At 25% health, it will begin to drop rocks to the ground, represented by purple areas. Just avoid staying in these areas.

Finish the fight, after 5% he will become invulnerable, then disappear in a burst of light.

The question therefore remains as to whether Revan is dead or not. We will have to wait a few ZL for the answer!

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