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The reign of King Leoric was a tragic period, marked by fear and madness. During his lifetime, he was a tyrannical ruler, gone mad under the influence of the Lord of Terror. After his death, Leoric returned in the guise of the terrible Skeleton King. A giant sledgehammer in hand, Léoric doesn't care much about death. When he is on the ground, his ghostly form drains the essence of the living to revive him and allow him to once again tread the battlefield to sow terror. We meet today for a guide on Leoric, the Skeleton King!


Léoric is a ruthless, cruel warrior capable of wreaking havoc in the enemy ranks. Less resistant than Johanna, he is able to reduce to ashes characters with a lot of life points, in particular by stealing theirs! It compensates for its fragility (relative, it is all the same a tank) by a rather incredible capacity to absorb the life of the others. Once dead, he can speed up the speed of his return to life by casting his spells which still have an impact on the battlefield!

We therefore summarize:

Forces : 
  • Colossal damage against tanks
  • Very dangerous in the fray
  • Strong on zone objectives
  • Has a big ... Mass.
  • No hard CC *
  • No gap-closer *
  • Medium range
  • Cheat for his Halloween costume

Hard CC : Direct crowd control and preventing any adverse action: stunning, throwing in the air ...

Gap-closer Ability to quickly reduce the positional gap between you and your target, catching up with them via a forward leap, acceleration, or by grabbing hold of them.



Musical break

In order to better appreciate the quality of this guide (Yes, I'm throwing myself flowers, so what ?!), and to fully understand the spirit and the way of playing Léoric, here is a little music to listen to peacefully!



Hero's Abilities

  • Passive
  • A
  • Z
  • E
  • R

Deceives death (Trait): Transforms you into a specter upon death, and revives when your health reaches its maximum. While in specter form, abilities deal no damage. Skeleton Strike (A): Prepares a large attack that deals heavy damage and slows enemies by 40% for 2,5 seconds. Drain of Hope (Z): Throws a chain that attaches to the first enemy Hero it hits, slows your movement speed by 15%, inflicts up to 20% of their maximum health on your target, while hitting you up to 'to 20% of your maximum health. Spectral Walk (E): Separates from the body, causes uncontrollability, and grants increased movement speed for 2,5 seconds. When Wraith Walk ends, teleport the body to the Wraith's location. Tomb (R): Create an impassable grave in front of Leoric that lasts 4 seconds.

Black King's March (R): Land three fierce sledgehammer hits that heal you for 15% of your maximum health for each hero hit, and deal massive damage.



Build & Gameplay

The build to follow

NB: Click here to be redirected to the talent calculator.

Leoric is an extremely durable hero, resilient by stealing the lives of his opponents! With this build, we will maximize our regeneration of life, in "living" form (Everything is relative for a skeleton ...) as in the form of Deceives death (Passive).

Tier-by-tier choices

  • Lvl 1
  • Lvl 4
  • Lvl 7
  • Lvl 10
  • Lvl 13
  • Lvl 16
  • Lvl 20

Intensive care : Collecting Regeneration Globes permanently increases health recovery by 1.5 health per second. Globe collection and regeneration are effective for Deceives death (Trait).

Why? A talent that will allow us to have excellent sustain (ability to regenerate quickly) by dint of collecting globes of life, both dead and alive, this talent is excellent!

The endurcis (E): Durant Spectral Walk (E), damage taken is reduced by 25%.

Why? A very useful talent that will allow you to tank a burst easily, provided you can cast the spell first! On some maps, such as the Infernal Sanctuaries, we can orient ourselves towards Macabre Allegiance (D).

Macabre allegiance (D): When nearby minions die, you gain 1% of your maximum health and 5 mana, even during the effect of Deceives death (Trait). Bone regeneration : Activation: Heals you for 20% of your maximum health over 6 seconds. Can be used during Cheat Death to revive faster.

Why? With this talent, you gain even more sustain, or speed of return to life. It is very interesting overall, and outperforms other talent at level 7.

Black King's March (R): Land three fierce sledgehammer hits that heal you for 15% of your maximum health for each hero hit, and deal massive damage.

Why? Much easier to place than it looks, this ultimate excels in the narrow corridors of many cards, and heals you for a maddening amount of life! In the case of an allied team with many area spells, we can however move towards Tomb (R).

Tomb (R): Create an impassable grave in front of Leoric that lasts 4 seconds. Burning Rage : Deals 50 (36 + 2 per level) damage per second to nearby enemies.

Why? This talent will allow you to inflict correct damage in area, being almost permanently on your opponents, in the middle of the melee, you will roast them slowly! Nevertheless, we will very often orient ourselves towards Anti-Spell Shield because the current meta is very oriented towards burst assassins, and this talent counteracts them very effectively, coupled with The Endurcis (AND).

Spell Shield : When an ability deals damage to the Hero, reduce their damage and subsequent ability damage by 50% for 3 seconds. Can only be triggered once every 30 seconds. Vitality drain (A): Skeletal Strike heals you for 2% of your maximum health per target hit, up to a maximum of 10%. Also works during Trompe-la-mort.

Why? On the same principle as at level 13, the Vitality Drain (A) is an excellent talent that greatly increases our sustain, on a low cooldown spell. However, if the enemy has heroes based on automatic attacks (Valla, Raynor, Illidan ...) we will move towards Intimidating presence.

Intimidating presence : Reduces attack speed of attackers by 50%. Death march (R): The final strike of Black King's March (R) applies the basic version of Drain of Hope (Z) to all enemy heroes in a large area.

Why? Depending on the heroic ability chosen at level 10, we will orient ourselves towards Reinforced Shield, either towards Death march (R).

Reinforced shield : Activation: Reduces damage taken by 75% for 4 seconds. CD: 60 seconds.




You are a warrior, your main task will be to take damage for your team, and to stay alive long enough to annoy the opposing team as much as possible using your controls. You will have to prevent your opponents from retreating by putting you in their path, ie the bodyblock. You will also have to protect the members of your team inflicting damage from the enemy assassins and warriors by making a maximum of mess in the melee to draw the attention on you, controlling the adversaries so that they do not reach your fragile teammates: it this is a peel for them.

The role of warrior is quite complex to grasp, because you will need to know when to annoy fragile enemy heroes and when to babysit yours. This decision-making is quite easy with Léoric: you will annoy everyone at the same time, being a global threat. Your spells deal serious damage over time, and your Spectral Walk (E) allows you to easily position yourself near opposing carries and scare all those crunchy little targets very, VERY.

You hold up very well in the lane because you are virtually impossible to control thanks to your Spectral Walk (E). The regeneration given to you by talents level 1 and 4 (if you choose Macabre Allegiance) allows you to stay on your lane indefinitely, while lowering the opponent's life using the Skeleton Strike (A) and Drain of Hope (Z).

In combat, your role will be, as described above, to scare your enemies as much as possible by staying in their ranks for a long time. Tap anything that moves and steal the life and hope of your opponents. You can slow down in an area using Skeleton Strike (AT). Your damage isn't astronomical instantly, but you're terrifying if you're not dealt with quickly. When your hit points start to get worrisome, a Black King's March (R) will not only devastate enemy ranks, but also restore you an impressive amount of health! Not to mention the effect of terror sown in the minds of your opponents ... Léoric is also played out on a psychological level: sow panic and laugh, laugh in your hoarse voice watching them struggle while you drain their miserable life out of their bodies ... Insert a sadistic and terrifying laugh here ... Spooky Scary Skeleton!

In the event that you do die again (you start to tire of undeath), well you won't die! ... At least, not really. You'll come back in ghost form, and get two abilities that impact the battlefield. By using these, you will speed up the speed at which you return to the world of the more alive. You can continue to roam the ghost-shaped battlefield, providing strategically interesting insight to your allies. Yes, death is just a formality for Léoric.




You can now go and purge the traitors who plotted against you! Go, and slaughter your enemies with great sledgehammer!

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