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Rarax of the "Midichlorians" guild is back! And this time I come to tell you about my vision of PvE as a commando. As for the Pvp guide that I posted recently, I will review the template that I use in high-level operation, the dps cycles, the gameplay. I'm sorry for those who have trouble reading me because I make a lot of humorous references etc ...

However, I intend to continue in this line!



PvE is a subtle blend of intensive tamping and efficient movement. Like in PvP, I think we should forget about the kikimeter and stick to simple dps support. Immediately forgetting your ego will do you a huge service in the game. It is necessary to assume that each commando has a great capacity to do damage continuously.
Indeed, while a CaC will have to keep great mobility at all times, your commando will be able to have a blast by swinging bastos bigger than him, in the buffet of his opponents. Yes I know, we are maxi turrets, maxi posts ... (bla bla bla) ... we calm down. Woh! Woh! Woh! "Stop oh breakeu down !!"

You can always argue as much as you want, Bioware has, I find, very well balanced its classes. A lot of players compare their damage with other classes and I can tell you that it squeals on the forums, something violent ... "I wish I had a kiki as long as the lightsaber of the sentry next door that slap 200dps more than me ... "

Hey but guys come back to earth! Where have you seen a soldier smash a Jedi with an assault cannon? If this is the case, we must not have seen the same films, a trooper has never been on par with a Jedi or a Sith ...

The diagnosis is formal. Trooper Rarax passed away this morning as a result of his injuries:

  • hey but sir ... he didn't stand a chance ?!
  • You know my little one, with a lightsaber, stuck in the helmet, it's hot anyway! "

Like what jean du hare ...
This morning, a rabbit, killed a hunter .....

I accept that my trooper has other assets, other things to promote and that's it! Back to the game, the trooper is therefore for me ... a trooper, that is to say a trooper there to do the dirty work. In PvE, this does not translate into a very scrupulous follow-up of the strategy, a great listening to the instructions and a strong adaptability. In story mode as in HM mode, the trooper is very useful and we will see why.



Ah, the artillery commando style of play: it's all about adapting to the situation. Obviously there are basics. The basis of everything: don't think of playing the artillery branch without the gravitational burst, this is clearly nonsense. Just as it is completely insane to play artillery without going through the ultimate square of the demolition salvo.

I take this opportunity to give my feelings on the assault branch that I do not really find fun to play. It is mainly played with plasma cells which have the advantage of launching a rather practical dot of fire. On the other hand, even if we have less general cooldown (GCD) and this specialty seems more mobile, I find it particularly slow to set up unlike the gunner who can send wood very quickly and very strong. I find that more appreciable. Once again, it's a matter of taste (Quick ... us, us, us, us .... IT'S THE TASTE!).

In short ! The gameplay of the artillery commando is based on one absolutely essential thing: team play. I say it, I repeat it, we do support dps and this fact is also of setting in PvE.

When facing a boss in operation or in a hot spot, whether in story or hard mode, it is clear that the starting placement is essential. Once again, find yourself a hare to follow! Very often, one healer is assigned to tanks, the other to dps. Choose the one allocated to the dps, it will be more practical. And there CAUTION! I want you to put it on the panties, we're not here to mess around anymore guys! So we take our hare and we stick it. Very objectively, it's a way for you to save his ass on occasion ... Why ?! it is very simple :

  1. if he takes aggro again, we send a burst to save his ass if ever the tank is out or distracted.
  2. remember, you have healing probes too. So even if it means losing a little damage, heal your healer cousin who shits like a Russian to save the other damage that charges like pigs (in this situation, he often forgets to heal himself).
  3. you will be more independent. If you are close to the healer, you will have the same field of vision as him and you can do damage without problem, while keeping an eye on your colleagues. If necessary, you can support in care very sporadically!
  4. a probe here and there, just to provide support ... If you do it too regularly and too frequently, you are enraged. It's up to you to dose, if you waste your time, the trainer will tell you and you will let him cook his meals on his own.

A healer is generally very well placed so following him, it prevents you from taking damage from cones, damage due to a bad placement, because John of the Hare ... he knows the guss! It saves you from having to think about who, what, how and why.

"And how do you do MOSIEUR when you have AOEs? Huh? Go on said, Go on!"

Well, we simply adapt! We are not going to stay glued to his healer throughout the fight! I think of the first boss of CDE, of Brise-Os of PdK or the tanks on Denova. We're still here for DPS! So send some wood dammit! How many times do we end up with the rage of a boss and dps that say "Hmm, I don't understand ... why is the boss red?" Say Jean-Michel penguin, will have to start using more than 3 abilities in your skill bar otherwise it will not do it!

Ban any player insulting the "monocapa" commandos, free clickers on two skills. This is ... how would I say ... FALSE !!!

No, I say no! And re-no! The commando gameplay is based on a dozen skills used very regularly. In addition, the others will ALL be used in a boss fight on hard mode, yes, all of them, without any loss of DPS. Let's forget the Empress and the other bastard in the yellow and blue car (purists will recognize) and let's focus on the cycles to adopt!


The template

"Hey wait a minute uncle Tom ... You're kidding me a bit with your gameplay let alone the template ..."

I fully understand your skepticizeum! Do you want the template? And well, check this out (as Floorfila said)!

Once again, and sorry if I repeat myself, this is MY template. I know it's debatable and I'll be happy to discuss it elsewhere! But it remains in my opinion one of the best I have used so far.



Well, let's get there, you are in a hurry! Unlike Noir Désir, a commando is not rich, very rich, and does not do real estate, but a commando does many other things! Also, it is advisable to use all of these skills which are in no way good to throw at pigs!

So in terms of cycles. Very classically we will find the gravitational salvo to swing three times for the armor debuff x5 followed by a demolition shot or a high impact shot ... And rebelote ...

Well, that's Jean-Michel Noob who lands in a difficult litigation zone like the lost island and who gets killed by the third pack of mobs. But us, us, we are not here to mess around!

So what is my little commando doing with his little little cannon? ...

He is already starting to save his cells by leaving his gun in his underpants! So he slams me a techno manipulation plus a cell economy and throws a plasma grenade in the face of the boss. He immediately follows with an adhesive grenade. Result, after 5 seconds of combat, he lost only one ammunition and made several thousand damage. What's the point ? Simply tell it to you using 4 abilities in 5 seconds!

It's just used to snap a dowry from the start of the fight to give your tank time to raise its aggro gauge ... A few dps of lost for a certainty of not eating you a slice of bread after 15 seconds of burst (which many unfortunately do ...). Then it's not complicated, you have to send. You threw away your sticky grenade, you're very happy! And there you start, you have to let go of everything as quickly as possible: 30 seconds and more ammunition, that's your goal!

  • Gravitational Burst x2
  • tirs cars
  • Gravitational burst
  • Demolition shot
  • Pestle shot
  • High impact shooting
  • Diversion (diminution aggro)

At this time, it is absolutely essential to lower your rank in terms of agro. You therefore use the ad hoc spell (not like the captain eh ?!) and pause your dps cycle. To do this, we use the diversion skill and relaunch just behind a little spicy sauce to spice up the bill from our friend, the boss in short pants!

  • Gravitational burst
  • Tirs cars
  • Charged shots
  • Car shooting (if proc)

There we are! There the little Zorn begins to shit in his benard! In my opinion, you have to do this cycle in a fairly flexible way. Coverage should be used at all costs when possible in order to keep a minimum possibility for the tank not to lose the boss's aggro. Even if the tank is good and he doesn't lose her, you shouldn't destabilize the raid.

"Pfff yeah but if your cycle is flexible, you lose in dps, you're not a mega opti ..."

Certainly ! So what ? I assure you that I prefer to lose 50 dps by being sure to be able to support my healer, support my dps, and not focus only on the boss. That's the role of other DPS who know their specialization better than me!

So to speak, I believe the commando dps cycle MUST not be rigid! If something doesn't go as planned ... the guy runs around the boss yelling "OH MY GOD, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE, AAAAAAAAAAAH !!" And that, everyone wants to avoid this kind of madness! You have to work on your adaptability and responsiveness.

I resume!

Following our burst, our armor debuffs on the boss's face, we must maintain the pressure and maintain his debuffs. Never go to 0 at the level of the gravitational vortices otherwise it is the cycle to start again from zero. And there your ammunition will not be in the same state (a loss of maddening dps).

We must therefore try to stabilize the level of debuffs at 5, while continuing to DPS. From there, a debate starts ... Charged shots or gravitational burst for the auto fire process?
If you are under "first interlocutor", favor the salvo, you will not have to worry about debuffs and that will leave you room in the noggin to think about something else. It is then necessary to launch an operation which I so aptly named "DOBERMANN operation" (ref. To the film)

Sensible soul to withhold !


Grenade his mouth! With the two special techno manipulation and cell economy incantations on the plasma grenade.


And there! attention friends, the most objectionable thing I think: changing cells! Be careful, you have to make a quick change! Equip yourself with plasma cells to make the dowry last! A pestle fire, auto fire and gravitational burst. If you go fast, the debuffs remain unchanged at 5.

We go back to the perforating cell and we knock out.

"But he's crazy, we don't change cells like that in the middle of Kephess HM!"

Well, in fact, and I can assure you that you will win. If you multiply this operation several times while being efficient and fast you will again have a double gain!

1. Your General Cooldown (GCD) continues while you change cells. It's very abstract but by losing 2-3 seconds to change and then go back to your original cells, you will gain 2 or even 3 amos, and make your cooldowns run (very practical when you want to keep a burst that we know very powerful for the commando.
Your CD on the cartridge refill is running, because yes of course you have already used it for a long time ... But changing the cartridge will allow you to gain ammunition and 2-3 seconds on your CD. This way, you will be able to do dps like a pig for 15 seconds + 30 seconds thanks to your recharge that has arrived! Isn't that beautiful ?! Admit that it's still better than doing basic pestle fire while waiting for the ammunition to climb ...

2. Besides, if you did like me, you can support your healer ...
"Nyeh ... don't understand!" Wait banana, it happens!

You change cells, you do your business and you come back to your perforating cells. And there you run out of ammunition since your 15 seconds of ammunition autonomy has just fallen, you are still very annoyed! If, like me, you made the choice to take the kolto recharge, you will see your regen life on your own. In addition, you slap a little meditation by returning to your perforating cells, and it's 200-250 HPS for your apple! It takes!

Let's be clear...

A. Switch to plasma cells

  • Pestle shot
  • Tirs cars
  • Gravitational burst

B. Ironing with perforating cells

  • High Impact Shot or Demolition Shot
  • Tirs cars
  • Gravitational burst
  • High Impact Shot or Demolition Shot (depending on which one you used)
  • Pestle shot

C. Munitions Down

D. You slam your cell recharge that comes from repop

E. You immediately slam your meditation and here you are almost full ammunition, your regen health ... In short ... you are as fresh as a roach, ready to knock out the mastiff ...


There you go, my friends, I'm done with my vision of the artillery commando. I hope that my advice will be useful to you and will have enlightened you on my way of playing.

Do not hesitate to comment, argue or go down in depth this little topic which is at the same time funny, didactic and enriching. Hmm ... to check that word ...

With that, good game everyone and see you soon!

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