WoW - World Boss: Tarlna, Drov et Rukhmar

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They are fat ! They are mean ! So here is a guide to come and defeat the huge creatures that live in Draenor!


Tarlna the Eternal

Tarlna appears in southern Gorgrond, near the Defiant Bastion. You'll be able to strip item level 650 torsos, belts, and gloves from his corpse.

  • Don't stay in front of him to avoid his Colossal, cone-shaped Blow. Healers must be prepared to use their defensive spells to keep the raid alive.
  • Try to stay scattered and move away from the raid if you are hit by Wild Lianas. Caregivers focus their care on the affected person (s).
  • Like Yalnu in the Eternal Flora, he spawns plenty of shoots during Genesis that must be killed quickly by inflicting some damage and stomping on them.
  • If they are not trampled, they transform into Giant Flagellants which cast Flogger Venom and must be killed quickly.
  • Finally, it also spawns a wild Mandrake from time to time, they must be provoked by tanks and killed. They spit out puddles of harmful Spit: don't stay in them.


Drov the Ravager

Drov appears in the center of Gorgrond, just north of Canyon des Gronns. He drops various level 650 items.

  • Don't stand in front of Drov when he uses Colossal Slam. Healers must be prepared to use their defensive spells to keep the raid alive.
  • The entire raid takes damage during Giant Strike. Save your personal or group defensive spells for these times.
  • Occasionally, Drov casts Call for Earth, which spawns Frenzied Scolders who must be slain.
  • Don't stand in front of the Scolders because of their Acid Breath and watch out for their Crushing Charge.



Rukhmar appears in the south of Spiers of Arak. He drops legs, boots, rings of item level 665. Ah, and yes, a mount too, incidentally.

  • As in your encounter in Sky's Edge, you must be careful of the small piles of ash it creates.
  • Avoid them because of Blaze of Glory. You have to stand more than 5 meters away so as not to rekindle the flames.
  • When the boss takes flight, healers must be ready to heal the Loose Feathers raid.
  • Throughout the fight, Blood Feather spawns small phoenixes that stare at players. Of course, you have to move away from the one staring at you.
  • Kill all the phoenixes that have appeared so that they stop following the players, be careful not to kill them towards the small piles of ash, otherwise a new phoenix will be revived.
  • Tanks must swap bosses due to Pierced Armor and Sharp Beak.
  • Stimulated Phoenixes stare at players, but exhausted Phoenixes can be tanked normally.
  • Tanks must tank with their backs to the raid due to Sunblast.
  • Healers must constantly hold the raid as best they can. Indeed during the fight, the whole raid will be afflicted by Solar radiation.


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