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In nature, there is no law except that of the jungle. To survive, you have to protect yourself with your pack mates. Along with his loyal companions, Misha the Bear and Spirit the Falcon, Rexxar scours the Nexus in search of his next challenge. The strength of the bear, the swiftness of the hawk, and the cunning of the hunter combined make them a team as formidable as they are inseparable. We meet today for a guide on Rexxar, Champion of the Horde!


Rexxar and Misha form an inseparable tandem, and between them, form a duo of formidable hunters! While Misha is capable of absorbing heavy damage and zoning opponents, Rexxar is relatively fragile, attacking from a distance with his axes, and commanding his bear to attack a particular target. Very dynamic, Rexxar requires impeccable positioning. He excels at long-term fights, multiplying crowd controls.

We therefore summarize:

Forces : 
  • Dynamic hero
  • Good controls
  • Strong over time
  • A magnificent Master skin
  • A great song in his name
  • Very complex to play
  • No escape
  • Very medium range
  • Requires good APM
  • Definitely not a good hunter

APMActions Par Minute. Determines the number of useful actions you take in-game. In general, the higher your APM, the higher you level. Particularly true in StarCraft II, applies to Heroes of the Storm as part of characters like The Lost Vikings or Rexxar.



Musical break

In order to appreciate the quality of this guide (Yes, I'm throwing myself flowers, so what ?!) in the joy and good humor, here is a piece of music that will tell you the story of Rexxar in song! Wonderful, isn't it?



Hero's Abilities

  • Passive
  • A
  • Z
  • E
  • R

Order to Misha (D): Tells Misha if she should stay with Rexxar or attack enemies. Piqué (A): Deals moderate damage to enemies in a row and slows them by 30% for 2 seconds. Misha, Charge ! (Z): Misha charges straight ahead, dealing moderate damage, and stunning enemies for 1,25 seconds. Familiar Healing (E): Heals Misha a significant amount over 5 seconds. Bestial Wrath (R): Increases Misha's Basic Attack damage by 150% for 12 seconds.

Release the Boars (R): Unleash a herd of boars that stalk all enemies present in one direction. They deal moderate damage to them, reveal them, and slow them by 40% for 5 seconds.



Build & Gameplay

The build to follow

NB: Click here to be redirected to the talent calculator.

Rexxar is a hero who uses Misha to tank his opponents as he sends his axes waltz between the two eyes of his rivals. Inflicting moderate damage, it has above all an enormous utility, providing a solid dose of controls that will be maximized with this build. Rexxar slowly reveals his potential as we learn to master him, because this hero has a very high skill-cap, but the progress that we make with him is quickly tangible and really motivating. Bad solo tank, he is terrible in a composition based on a tandem of tanks (And that's good, it's the trend at the moment!)


Tier-by-tier choices

  • Lvl 1
  • Lvl 4
  • Lvl 7
  • Lvl 10
  • Lvl 13
  • Lvl 16
  • Lvl 20

Hunter-Gatherer : Picking up Regeneration Globes permanently increases Rexxar and Misha's health recovery by 1 per second.

Why? A talent that will allow us to have excellent sustain (ability to regenerate quickly) by dint of collecting life globes, especially since it also affects Misha. If a camouflaged hero (  Zeratul ou  Nova) is part of the game, we can move towards Flare.

Flare : Activation: Launches a flare in an area it reveals for 5 seconds. CD: 20 seconds. Weakening greenhouses (A): Carries the slowdown inflicted by Piqué (A) at 40% and its duration at 3 seconds.

Why? A very powerful talent that greatly increases our capacity Piqué (AT). Already a zone slowdown, it is seen reinforced in all points: longer and stronger, it is an excellent talent.

Aspect of the Beast (Z): Reduces Misha's cooldown, charge! by 2 seconds for each basic attack by Misha.

Why? An incredible talent, practically unavoidable, which will make Misha a Hard CC machine. In the middle of the melee, she will put many paws, and it will become very easy to place a stun every 5 to 6 seconds! On the Tomb of the Spider Queen, where the power of pushing is essential, we can orient ourselves towards Bird of prey (A).

Bird of prey (Q): Increases damage dealt by Pique to non-heroic targets by 300%. Release the Boars (R): Unleash a herd of boars that stalk all enemies present in one direction. They deal moderate damage to them, reveal them, and slow them by 40% for 5 seconds.

Why? A very powerful ultimate, especially because of its ridiculous range (about the size of the screen) when throwing, boars will pursue your enemies for about twice this distance. It's huge! And it's not over! ... They will chase invisible targets! And it's not over! ... No limit to the number of boars: no jealous, one boar per potential target during the casting, whether it is one of the  Vikings Perdus, or a hologram of  Nova !

Bipolar Dipper : Misha deals damage per second to nearby enemies.

Why? This talent will allow you to inflict correct damage in the area, Misha being almost permanently on your opponents, in the middle of the melee, it will smell like roast bear! Nevertheless, we can choose to orient ourselves towards Thrill of the Hunt in order to kite more efficiently with Rexxar.

Thrill of the Hunt : Basic Attacks increase Rexxar and Misha's movement speed by 25% for 2 seconds. Feign Death : Activation: Feign death, making it invulnerable and untargetable for 5 seconds. During this time, you control Misha. CD: 35 seconds 

Why? At level 16, two choices are available to us, and this choice will depend mainly on our mastery of Rexxar, but also on the compositions. If, in front of you, there is a  Zeratul, or any other hero capable of killing Rexxar quickly, Feign Death is a prime talent, which will give you strong survivability. Think about Ice block, better, more often, longer, and you control Misha so you are not useless. On the other hand, if there is no major threat to you, and you are in a double tank situation, you can move towards Aspect of the Falcon (AT). The attack speed bonus is outrageous, and applies to Misha as well as you! Suffice to say that your damage will skyrocket.

Aspect of the Falcon (A): Yes Piqué (A) hits an enemy hero, increases attack speed by 100% for 3 seconds. Order to Kill (R): Increases the damage of Release the Boars (R) by 50% and Root targets for 1.25 seconds. 

Why? A terribly strong talent, not for the damage, more than negligible, but for the immobilization it provides. Make no mistake, the immobilizer is doubled with slowing down. Effectively therefore, you immobilize the 1.25 second targets, then they will be slowed in exit by 40% for 3.75 seconds. If you feel threatened, go to Hardened Skin is also a viable choice.

Hardened Skin: Activation: Reduces damage taken by Rexxar and Misha by 75% for 4 seconds. CD: 60 seconds.




You are a Warrior, your main task will be to take damage for your team, and to stay alive long enough to annoy the opposing team as much as possible using your controls. You will have to prevent your opponents from retreating by putting you in their path, ie the bodyblock. You will also have to protect the members of your team inflicting damage from the enemy assassins and warriors by making a maximum of mess in the melee to draw the attention on you, controlling the adversaries so that they do not reach your fragile teammates: it it's a peel for them.

The role of warrior is quite complex to grasp, because you will need to know when to annoy fragile enemy heroes and when to babysit yours. This decision-making is all the more complex with Rexxar, because it is in fact Misha who will have this role, mainly. You will have to manage its movements by making it attack your target or by bringing it back to you, usingOrder to Misha (D). Once in the fray, Misha is a bear who proves to be very resilient thanks to the Familiar Healing (E), which regenerates an astronomical amount of health points, but not only. Capable of interrupting all capacities channeled with Misha, Charge ! (Z), so she works great against heroes like  Li Li,  open or even  Nasibo. For his part, Rexxar is, on his own, a relatively fragile hero (he has the same amount of life points as  Zagara), but whose relatively short range attacks (4.5 range where most ranged characters have 5.5) do good damage.

Your goal is to give Misha focus by targeting an opponent yourself, or have her come to your side to move her around in teamfights. By alternating the postures ofOrder to Misha (D) regularly you will, with a little (a lot) of practice, manage to manage Misha correctly to place her in the midst of enemies and maximize the effectiveness of your Misha, Charge ! (Z). When possible, place auto attacks on targets within range, otherwise, slow enemies using Piqué (A).

Photo credit: Isriana (Tumblr)

Finally, although this build is geared towards teamfights, the very nature of Rexxar and Misha allows them to very easily clear the jungle camps, and even to fall on their own, at least between them, a boss. We may want to move towards a build dedicated to the jungle which will accelerate our speed in it, but sacrificing a large part of our potential in combat. We would then play Rexxar as a jungler-roamer who would come and gank all the lanes of his team, bringing soft and hard CCs.

Build Rexxar "Jungler-roamer"




You can now go hunting, accompanied by your bear Misha and your Spirit hawk, you fear nothing and no one in the Nexus: you hunt as a family.

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