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Our mission "Le test final" is the very first mission where we meet "Opportunities for assassinations". Opportunities help you kill your target in different ways, in a scripted way. You are free (or not) to follow and use the opportunities to achieve your goal. There are several opportunities for each mission.

Fallen comrades

This first opportunity not only allows you to assassinate your target but also to validate the challenge "drown his sorrow".

The KGB officer enjoys vodka and is unlikely to drink alone.

The duty officer asked aerodrome security to bring him a bottle of vodka. He'll probably offer Knight a drink. At least if he manages to get the grand master away from his chess table.

To start, you will have to go to the right in order to climb the fence. Once on the other side, go from car to car to reach the second fence and climb it too.

Once on the other side sabotage the generator to call out to the guard. Once the latter at the generator, knock him out (or kill him) and steal his clothes. Hide the body and sneak through the first window leading inside the building.

Once inside the building, go through the right door leading into the hangar. Then enter the locker room and spy on the conversation of the two guards. They tell you that your target has asked to be served a good bottle of Vodka as only the Russians know how to do.

Once this information in your possession, go in search of the bottle. To find it, go back to the first room (the one through which you arrived when entering through the window) and take the double door. Continue straight to go into the kitchen. The bottle of Vodka is on the counter in the center of the latter.

Once the bottle in your possession, go upstairs, in the commander's office in order to place the bottle of Vodka on the tray located on the desk. Then, go to the WC in order to retrieve the death to rats and empty the bottle into the glass on the left. However, make sure you are alone in the room when it comes time to put rat poison!

Now, you need to work your brains in order to win the chess. Stand in front of the game board and play! To solve this game you just need to move reign her in G3. Once done, wait for your target to come back and compliment you on your move. To celebrate, the target will go and throw a little behind the tie. The rat poison will take effect very quickly, leading him to the toilet, follow him and wait for him to vomit before drowning him in the bowl.

Once done, hide the body and quietly join the extraction point through the main door.


Safety first

This opportunity allows us to accidentally assassinate our target.

Testing an ejection seat inside ... What a funny idea.

Escaping aboard a fighter plane ... We can say that Jasper Knight is not doing things by halves. But he will first have to carry out a check-up of the safety equipment on board, and in particular the ejection seat.

From the start of the mission, go to the left and listen to the conversation of the two mechanics discussing the safety protocol of the plane that is to be used to make the target escape.

Once the opportunity is activated, climb the fence and collect a guard disguise. Watch out for the soldier patrolling at the barrier, wait until he leaves before recovering the guard's costume and above all, remember to hide his body!

Once disguised, enter the base and go to the hangar. In the latter, you will find a notepad detailing the procedure of the security protocol.

Once done, you will need to find a mechanic's costume. The easiest way is to go and collect it directly from a mechanic. Turn around and go to the maintenance storage room. There you will find a mechanic doing his little things. Knock him out (or kill him, as desired) to steal his suit. As always, don't forget to hide the body.

Once his clothes are recovered, take the adjustable wrench located on a crate next to it and return to the hangar. You will then have to tamper with the security mechanism in order to put it back into service. Be careful, two mechanics are in the hangar and can recognize you. Wait for whoever is standing to go get some tools to tamper with the plane.

The trap is in place! All that's left is to bring the victim there! To do this, go back to where you picked up the mechanic's suit and take the door, then the stairs just in front. Once upstairs, look for your target. She spends most of her time in the CO's office, but he can be on the bridge from time to time. Speak to him twice, the first to explain the security measures, the second time to follow you to test them. As soon as he begins to follow you, return to the ground floor of the hangar and wait in front of the notepad until the target is ready.

When the target is ready, all you need to do is follow the protocol. For this, you will need:

  • Initiate the safety procedure.
  • Ask him to fasten his seat belt.
  • Ask him to locate the ejector handle.
  • Ask him to pull on said handle.
  • Attend the show!

When finished, put the notepad back down and exit the base. Be careful, the guards will be on alert. Your disguise should ensure safe passage to the exit, but don't delay!


The last word

This third opportunity is quick and easy to achieve.

Knight changes the KGB. He takes big risks.

Apparently, Jasper Knight demands that his girlfriend can accompany him to the USSR and refuses to leave until his superiors in Moscow agree to his request. The call will be received in the radio room. Access is limited, but it is not supervised.

To start, you will have to go to the right in order to climb the fence. Once on the other side, go from car to car to reach the second fence and climb it too.


Once on the other side, sabotage the generator to attract the guard. Knock him out to take his uniform, then hide the body. Once done, enter the building through the first window.


Once inside, go left and go up the stairs. Once upstairs, look for the note on the first desk and read it.

Once the note has been read, go to the commander's office and wait for the commander there. The latter will arrive in his office and go to the toilet. Take advantage of this moment to attack him and steal his uniform.

Once the uniform recovered (and the hidden body) go to meet your target and talk to him to inform him that he can use the radio and escort him to the radio room. Once the latter begins to communicate, kill him.

Be careful, however, a guard patrols and regularly walks past the large windows of the radio room.

Except led

This is the last opportunity of the mission.

 Knight's escape plan is at the front desk. He will probably want to consult it in private.

Documents showing Knight's route from Cuba to the USSR have been left at reception. The security guard who is on duty has been warned that a soldier will come to pick them up, after which the KGB officer and Knight will likely meet in the upstairs office.

To start, you will have to take the same path as for the previous mission. That is to say, climb the fence on the right, then go to the generator, turn it off in order to challenge the guard and steal his uniform. Then enter the building through the window.

Once you are inside the building, go through the double door to find yourself at the reception. Approach the central counter to listen to the conversation of the two guards and retrieve the documents.

Once done, return to the previous room and take the stairs. Upstairs, go to the projector and drop the document on it.

Once done, wait until the commander goes looking for the target to present the plan to him. Stay put and listen to them talk about the plan. Once the explanation is complete, the commander leaves and the target will want to study the plan. Take advantage of this moment to go outside the room through the door next to the projector and turn off the power. Wait for the target to go behind the projector to find out where the problem is coming from, and then turn on the power again! With the right timing, you can even have the general turn on the power and kill the target!

And there you have it, you have successfully completed all four opportunities of this mission! Good assassination to you!

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