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How To Survive also called H2S is a survival game. And, like any good zombie-infested survivalist, the game begins on a sandy beach on an island that, at first glance, looks like a great place to vacation. Well, on the other hand the guy who is dying on the beach quickly breaks our dream of a well-deserved vacation. You quickly feel that something is wrong.

Fortunately, you are not alone! A certain Kovac hangs out on the island archipelago you have stranded on. A man who seems to be the mix between genius and madness.

The survival guide to listen to to stay alive.

It is through the guides of Kovac that we will learn the mechanics of the game. How to light a fire, drink, or sleep, what meat to eat, why not keep raw meat on you, how to make a weapon, learn to hunting and fishing ... You can't just go exploring the island in search of a way to return to civilization. We will indeed have to manage our food, water and fatigue. Fortunately, a fairly detailed map accompanies us.

A big advantage this piece of paper!

The survival aspect is completed with a crafting system that allows you to transform a piece of wood into a deadly arrow or even make a boomerang with bones. A complete system but you have to manage it well because you will see that once in play, your field of action is quite limited.

It's crazy what you can do with so little!

After having taken our haunts and a little insurance, our worst enemy arrives: I named the night! At this point, the basic zombie will no longer be a problem for us. But a new enemy appears to our greatest misfortune, a kind of monster moving low to the ground and which almost always arrives at our backs. The only way to scare them away: light!

They are shy, don't blame them.

In addition to that, a level system exists which essentially allows you to complete a talent tree which is a considerable tactical advantage in the face of the dangers of these islands. There are lots of great bonuses available such as decreasing the time before you start feeling hungry or thirsty. The talent tree is specific to each character and the game has three. So you will never evolve the same way depending on the character you play.

The distribution of points makes all the difference in terms of survival.

Two players can play the game on the same computer: one using the controller and one using the keyboard. The online mode is unfortunately content with challenges and not history. Which is still a shame. Apart from that, the game has relatively decent graphics and a sound environment well suited to this survival and zombie aspect. And of course, Kovac and his guides are sure to put a smile on your face to ease the atmosphere.

You can of course find the game on Steam: the game is currently at € 6.99 until January 2. Finally, I leave you with the trailer which will not fail to illustrate my words in a rather explosive way!

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