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Enigmatic title, pixelated graphics ... What can we expect with this game out of nowhere? Kwaan, published by Ankama, is a co-op game available in Early Access on Steam.

Quite difficult to put Kwaan in a box, this game mixes exploration, cooperation and "sandboxing". The main goal of the game is to perform rituals to make the Kwaan happy. If you do not succeed, the server restarts at 0. Playing alone will therefore not be possible to keep your server alive. Each ritual will ask you for several objectives such as providing specific items or summons.

The server is not the only thing that evolves, your character also evolves over the hours. This little RPG side in talent tree mode will be used to unlock specific abilities or even summons necessary for the Kwaan.

When the rituals are done and Kwaan is happy, you will be free for a while to take care of your character and the world to which you belong. For example, you can explore the map to find the various secrets hidden there (nightclub, coins, etc.) or even complete the mosaics dotted around. Regarding this last point, the developers have given free rein to the imagination. I haven't seen any VanGogh reproductions yet but it won't be long!

Regarding the graphics, we end up with very colorful pixel art and really well done it must be admitted. For in-game travel, we are entitled to basic Point & Click. Getting started is quite easy even if some jumps can be an obstacle course. Yes, because as I mentioned earlier, we can explore the map to discover these different corners, but it will not be easy! Your character has only one health point, holes and spikes will be your best friends!

Of course, so as not to restart your character from your starting house, resurrection points are dispatched all over the place. You should know that all your deaths make you lose points which are necessary to buy items or to increase your level.

In conclusion, Kwaan is really nice game and very nice graphically if you like pixel art. The gameplay and style of play is really original and very well done. The only small downside for this Early Access is that there is no spanish version while the publisher of the game is spanish. This is not prohibitive but I find it unfortunate that a spanish company does not offer its game in spanish.

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