Gremlins, Inc - A Game For The Dishonest

Of all the greedy and stingy creatures, of all the treacherous and manipulative creatures, the gremlins are perhaps the worst. In this game, you play as a gremlins who will have to make his way and gain recognition for his prestige. Are you a good samaritan or the worst scumbag who doesn't hesitate to do dirty tricks whenever he can? You will soon find out by playing this game.


Goal of the game

In Gremlins, Inc, your goal is to achieve a certain Prestige Rank as quickly as possible, and of course, before your opponents. For that, all the means are good to get there and believe me, the means ... you will have some.



In this kind of game ... the graphics are completely secondary. However, the game is not ugly, the cards are well illustrated and funny. No slowing down during my games and nothing in particular to say about it either.


Part in details


When playing against opponents (up to 5 opponents), you will have to choose your directions according to the cards you have. Each card has a die that shows the number of moves you can make by sacrificing a card. You won't be able to do more or less than what is marked, so calculate it carefully!


The cards

Each card has a particular effect but can also give gold, votes, treachery, or prestige. But the effects can also benefit you by giving you significant bonuses or annoy your opponents in the worst possible ways ... like sending them to jail, swapping your places, making them pay, etc ... by the most severe means. twisted and treacherous.

However, to activate a card, you have to be in the right space ...


Normal houses

There are 7 normal squares. Each square has a particular effect that will give you, or your opponents, the worst possible words.

  • Police : A simple routine inspection. you have the choice ... a bribe or an inspection. The die is rolled if you don't pay. If you come across 1 ... go to the prison.
  • Risk: A box that can ruin you, in lots of different ways, if you don't take insurance (at 40 gold). You roll a dice ... and beware if you fall on the 1 ...
  • Equal: This square is a small roulette wheel ... you can win votes, gold, or lose it. It is fortunate that we can not tempt the devil. But you know just like me that you like it eh?
  • Corruption : This box, which does not concern the governor at all, makes you spit out your gold shamelessly. You pass over it, you pay ... you fall over it, you pay double ...
  • Bad luck: This box MUST be avoided. do you pass over it, or do you fall over it? you will necessarily have a negative effect which will hurt you very much.
  • Grandstand: A vote sin in order to be governor must be done. This box allows you, with a roll of the dice, and depending on the money you put in, to win a vote.
  • Returned : The preferred square of the players. You go through this box ... you earn your income. You fall on it, double income. What happiness!


Place boxes

These boxes are easily noticed by the fact that they are much bigger than the others and have a unique illustration. 11 in number, each one gives you a chance to perform a particular action to help you win the game.

  • Office : This box allows you, if you wish, to sell a vote for gold. However, it will be vital for many cards giving you just those voices.
  • Factory : This box allows you to earn gold by skipping a turn. However, it is used to deposit your inventions for prestige, of course, it costs a lot of gold.
  • Dump : This box is very useful. You can earn gold, lose a vote, or with the help of certain cards, give yourself a small advantage. Incidentally, it also serves as a hidden exit from the prison (using certain cards).
  • Prison : Linked to the dump by who knows what twisted idea ... this box will serve as a sweet home when you are unable to pay, punishments from other players, unfortunate inspections or risk and bad luck cards. It has its own reputation bar that will give you gold or penalty reduction benefits. Penalty which is determined by a roll of the dice.
  • Market : Place where you can sell your prestige for gold. It is used for cards often earning gold or votes.
  • Hell : This box, where access is via dangerous boxes, allows you to discard your cards, obtain gold and use cards that will be devilishly effective against your opponents with a considerable increase in your perfidy. But hey, for a little gold and power ... you'll sell your soul to the devil, right?
  • Casino: This box is typically what can be called quits or doubles. You win or lose gold ... period. However, cards allow you to earn even more gold, and that feels good.
  • Court: This box allows you to steal votes in exchange for gold. Nothing very fair in it, it continues its momentum by offering the player the possibility of using cards such as denunciation, etc ... a real little crook's paradise.
  • Treasure : This square, which many will like, allows you to have gold on a simple roll of the dice. Obviously, it allows you to use many cards that will benefit you.
  • Bank: Allows you to increase your basic income and increase your capital with the help of cards. Nothing very complicated in short.
  • Plan Astral : This card is difficult to access because of the "corruption" boxes that are all along. However, it does offer deserving players (or the governor who will have an easier time) an option to use cards that earn a lot of gold, prestige or votes. It also allows you to lose treachery and cards by skipping your next turn.


The resources

Four resources are vital to your victory.

  • L'or : The force of the war. You will often need it for your inventions, bribes, insurance, and avoiding jail. If you don't have gold in the bank, I hope you are pretty smart.
  • The voices : Whoever is most loved by the people will become governor. The votes are obtained in different ways that are not always very honest.
  • The perfidy: Here is a resource that we want to keep low. It is a resource that will handicap you throughout the game. Lower it as much as possible.
  • Prestige : The only thing that will make you achieve victory. It is obtained by depositing your inventions, by using certain cards in certain places ... by stealing it from others.


The governor

The title of governor is obtained after several turns, and then every X turns. This is calculated according to the number of votes you have, and the perfidy you have accumulated. Sometimes a player with less votes will beat you with low treachery which will give him 3 extra votes (which are awarded to the player with the least treachery).

The governor has a capital importance besides. This title allows you not to undergo inspection on the police boxes, and not to pay while going through corruption boxes. It's much easier when you don't risk your gold all the time. However, he is often the target of other players ... and cards allow this status to be called into question unexpectedly.



Victory is simple. Often, this occurs when a player reaches a certain number of prestige or the most prestige after a certain time, number of turns, or even when the "chaos" cards have all been played.


Special rules

There are many rules for offering wacky games. No more money, no more cards sending you to jail, no more searches ... it will become hell for everyone, but so much fun ...



When I started Gremlins, Inc ... I found the concept addicting. It's seen and reviewed, but the sauce takes when you give the game a chance, and offers many possibilities of different games, with a lot of fun, and will show you the twist that is in you. However, it is not free from flaw. This can quickly become repetitive for players who are not used to playing this kind of game. The solo being good for training ... the multi will always remain the most appreciated by players, provided that there are enough of them to fill all the parts ... which will depend on the success of the game, or the number of your friends who bought it.

Events are also present in the game to make you win some pretty nice prizes. Recently, the "cheat" event allowed you to win games of all kinds.

For my part, I am won over, and I necessarily appreciate this kind of game. It can be suitable for the whole family and allows you to play with friends in a totally belligerent way.

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