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A few days ago, I received a strange email. It was in English so I'll give you a translation:


My name is Dr. Detonator and I have an important task for you.

I have spent the last five years of my life in my cellar developing extremely explosive, extremely electric, and extremely ... terrifying weapons.

So there you go, I would like you to join us to test these weapons. Don't worry, you won't have to travel. Thanks to my army of robots, you can do it from wherever you want. What do you think ? Let's squirt the blood! Finally ... oil.

Obviously intrigued, so I installed the game to test these promised bombs!

A quick tour of the options to discover that the game can be played with the joystick as with the keyboard / mouse. For my part, I opted for the mouse, preferring its precision.

After memorizing the shortcuts, I'm going! Several parts are offered to me, servers in several environments: factory, city of Santa, sewer and skyscrapers. A bit at random, I choose the factory.

Then I have to choose the weapons. At the moment, I don't have too many options so I keep my sticky grenade launcher as a primary weapon, as well as a rifle allowing me to create crates as a secondary weapon.

The game then begins. As I am alone on Grenade Madness at the time of my test, three bots replace the absent players. The map is quite small, I can go from one end to the other in about ten seconds while running. However, there are plenty of places to hide behind fixed or destructible decor elements (the gray and blue boxes).

At any time, the scoreboard is displayable. As you can see, bots aren't very smart:

All over the map are items to collect (you can see some red and blue cubes above). Three bonuses can be picked up and added in the three locations in the middle of the screen at the bottom. Activated by the shortcut keys Y, X and C, this allows you to launch a protective shield, accelerate time, slow down enemies, activate a flammable grenade ...

When I kill enemies, my robot gains experience, then levels. However, it does not seem to unlock interesting things at the moment even if the experience is well preserved from one match to another. Each round lasts fifteen minutes. At the end of the count, a scoreboard is displayed.

Then a new round starts! For my part, I stopped after this first part, certainly fun, although it is difficult to really realize the playability and the potential of Grenade Madness in the face of these silly robots. Anyway, the promised explosions are there, the graphics are pleasant, the whole is fluid and there is something to do on the side of the exploits.

Grenade Madness is currently in Early Access on Steam. So if you feel like throwing grenades and spilling the oil, you know what you have to do:

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