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This is the good news of the year for role-playing fans, Divinity: Original Sin 2 will arrive in Early Access on Steam starting September 15th!

Sequel to Divinity: Original Sin first of the name, this second opus will offer an entirely new gaming experience, in particular thanks to the new version of the Divinity Engine which will allow up to 4 players to play in cooperation! It will also offer cooperative and competitive quests, new mechanics and advanced interactions with the elements, which were already one of the strengths of the first game.

In this two, the player (or the players if you decide to do the adventure together) will find themselves in a world where the Gods are all dead and will play a bearer of forbidden magic who has been quarantined in the penal colony of Fort Joy. Places where are sent all the characters who, by order of the Magisters of the Divine Order, must be "cured" of their powers. But the Order has secrets that can threaten the world, and if the world remains without God, Chaos will reign. It is time for a new divinity to appear.

One of the novelties of this opus is the Origin of the characters which will make it possible to create from scratch the origin of the character or to select a pre-established origin with its own quests. Thanks to this system, the inhabitants as well as the world itself adapt to the origin of the characters, their traits as well as their actions, thus creating a personalized adventure with interactions and quests adapting to measure.

If you did not participate in the crowdfunding of Divinity Original Sin 2 (which raised over $ 2 million on Kickstarter) you can still pick up the latter for € 44,99 from September 15.

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