SWTOR - PVF - Norec's Temple of Darkness

Obi invites you today to discover his fortress installed on Dromund Kaas. So here is "Norec's Temple of Darkness"

We start with the visit by the entrance, relatively sober, it contains Rakata antiques, obviously "requisitioned" in the various ruins of Belsavis, Tatooine and Rakata Prime.

Following that we obviously have the main hub of this "Temple". The presence of numerous imperial flags is proof that this is the home of a true patriot of the Empire.

To the right of the entrance is the diplomatic service. A secretary naturally takes care of all the paperwork. Here Malavai Quinn and Vector are currently in the middle of discussing future alliances.

On the left is the database. All diplomatic service information is stored in the data core, borrowed from Gree technology. The latter is linked to a classic "computer" library.

On the right, the "waiting" room where you can find an interface to access your accounts as well as the galactic market.

Let's go back to the central hub. Opposite the entrance is the infirmary. The entrance to the latter is guarded by two HK-51 units. Since a Sith cannot be seen in a weak state, these units are there to deter any malicious people from approaching a wounded person.

The infirmary is run by a classic medical droid. We also regularly meet Dr. Lokin, who is responsible for developing various drugs and other doping agents to accelerate healing.

Let's continue the visit through the garage. Located to the left of the entrance, the latter contains a collection of Desler, Korrealis and Aratech, as well as a tank requisitioned on Denova, but also Norec's favorite ship: his Bourdon S-13 .

On the wall you can see various propaganda posters extolling the advantages of enlisting in the squadrons of the imperial fleet, as well as various representations of the machines destroyed by the owner of the premises.

It's time to go upstairs. On the stairs is a representation of the Datacrons found around the world by Norec. A simple but effective decoration.

Arrived in the main room, the reception room. There is the throne of Norec. Statues of the Sith Emperor are there to pay homage to him. After all without him, there would be no Sith Empire.

Let's go out a bit to see what's going on on the balcony. We find Major Pierce there with his squad.

Another of Norec's ships is found on the Balcony platform. His "Legion B-4D" bomber. We can see the force field generators (materialized by the orange pylons) as well as their energy source, still borrowed from the Gree.

Now let's go inside, and take a look at the rooms behind the throne. We find a hub there. In the center of which is a replica of a Sith holocron. The latter is obviously only used as decoration.

The room on the left serves as an intelligence and operation preparation center. There are terminals retrieving information from spy and informant networks across the galaxy.


The room in the center happens to be the owner's room. The walls of the latter are covered with a trophy commemorating his greatest victories.

And finally, the last room happens to be a Sith Shrine. There are objects in phase with the dark side. Sith holocrons containing a lot of knowledge touching the dark side. As well as a seed of rage and a forge for a lightsaber (not visible in the image).


This concludes the visit to the Temple of Darkness in Norec. The latter is currently open to the public, so you will find it in the list of fortresses on Darth Nihilus.

Thanks to Obi for sharing this. Do not hesitate to contact us if you also wish to share your fortress.

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