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The measurement data used in the game (EQN) Landmark do not correspond to any known unit (in the real world such as meters or feet). A unit of length in Landmark corresponds to the length of 2,5 voxels. Since the game is in English, I present the statistics with their original name.

This article compiles explanations of the general statistics, more articles are coming for crafting and harvesting stats.


Light radius

The light radius adds a light that floats above your head (to see in dark places). The light radius statistic determines the size of this luminous halo.

Light radius in unit = Light radius (stat) / 10.

Note: this statistic is subject to change, the developers are not entirely satisfied with how it works, judging the halo too high above the character's head.


Jump bonus

The jump bonus is the statistic that allows you to jump higher. It is not possible to make scholarly calculations to determine the effects of this statistic. (Developer Note) The height of your jump is determined by the gravity of the area you are visiting, your character's speed and your bonus jump. 

Either way, the higher your jump bonus (statistic), the higher you will go.

Note: the developers cannot give, for the moment, a "formula" explaining the jump bonus, they are working on it in order to make the statistic easier to understand.


Treasure find

The treasure find is not yet active (although it does work on a few particular objects). To put it simply, the treasure find allows you to roll the dice on a special table during loot events (such as opening a chest for example) and so recover additional loot. This dice roll is in addition to the standard dice roll, so it's a pure bonus. Without a treasure find, you will not be able to roll dice on this special table.

Percentage chance of dice roll on special table = Treasure find (stat) / (100 * Item level in chest)

The treasure find is a capped stat, but this value is not yet determined, the developers expect to start testing at 3%.

This statistic is a bit complicated, so here is an example :

Suppose you have 3 in treasure find. You open a chest containing items from third parties 1, this is how the formula applies:

Chance of rolling the dice on the special table = 3 / (100 * 1) = 0.03 or 3%

There, the game will roll the dice between 1 and 100. If you roll 3 or less, you win an additional dice roll on the special table.

Let's take the same example but with a chest containing objects of thirds 5, here is what gives the formula:

Chance of rolling the dice on the special table = 3 / (100 * 5) = 0.006 or 0.6% chance

Note: other statistics work on the same type of formula (the discovery and pickup bonus).


Run speed

The higher your run speed (statistic), the faster you will go ! Your current running speed is 10 units per second. Each point added to your run speed increases your speed by 1 unit per second.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions. 


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