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After tools and crafting stations, there is one final type of essential item to create: construction tools. Indeed, if you want to create magnificent buildings on your claim, you must have the actions that go well for smoothing and painting.

Basic tools

3 tools are provided when creating a character and therefore do not require any component before being used:

  • Add Tool : allows you to add voxels (cube or sphere) of various sizes
  • Delete Tool : allows you to remove voxels (cube or sphere). Opposite tool of Add.
  • Heal Tool : allows you to return to the original state of the land.

If ever they are deleted, it is possible to recreate them with 1 earth at Stone Forge.


Tools to create

4 additional tools are to be created. Only the Selection Tool can be created with the game's base Forge (found next to the Teleport Crystal). You will therefore have to assemble your craft or find a recommendation where the workstations are freely accessible.

Select Tool - Stone Forge

Allows you to select, copy and paste voxels.

  • 30x Iron Ingot
  • 30x Elemental Iron
  • 10x Topaz (Topaze)

Paint Tool - Marble Forge

Allows you to change the material of the voxels in the selected area.

  • 30x Tungsten Ingot (Tungsten Ingot)
  • 30x Elemental Tungsten (Elemental Tungsten)
  • 10x Emerald

Smooth Tool - Marble Forge

Allows smoothing of voxels.

  • 30x Tungsten Ingot (Tungsten Ingot)
  • 30x Elemental Tungsten (Elemental Tungsten)
  • 10x Amethyst (Amethyst)

Line Tool - Amaranthine Forge

Lets you create a bridge between two separate voxel surfaces.

  • 30x Cobalt Ingot (Cobalt Ingot)
  • 30x Elemental Cobalt
  • 10x Sapphire (Saphir)


Other tools will arrive soon!

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