Landmark - Recipes: Tools (Alpha)

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Tools are definitely the first things you'll want to create in Landmark. To help you find your way, here is a summary of the components needed to create your pickaxes and axes! Each time, I indicated in the title the forge necessary for the realization of this tool.



Stone Pickaxe - Stone Forge

  • 1x Dirt (Terre)

Copper Pickaxe - Stone Forge

  • 10x Elemental Copper
  • 1000x Plain Wood Log
  • 10x Copper Ingot

Bronze Pickaxe - Stone Forge

  • 15x Plain Wood Plank
  • 45x Tourmaline
  • 1x Copper Pick
  • 15x Elemental tin (Elemental tin)
  • 5x Burled Wood Plank
  • 8x Tin Ingot (Tin Ingot)

Iron pickaxe - Stone Forge

  • 3x Burled Wood Plank
  • 45x Aquamarine (Aigue-marine)
  • 15x Elemental Iron
  • 30x Plain Wood Plank
  • 15x Iron Ingot

Silver Pickaxe - Stone Forge

  • 20x Plain Wood Plank
  • 60x Topaz (Topaze)
  • 20x Elemental Silver
  • 7x Burled Wood Plank
  • 10x Silver Ingot
  • 1x Iron Pick

Tungsten Pickaxe - Marble Forge

  • 4x Burled Wood Plank
  • 60x Amethyst (Amethyst)
  • 20x Elemental Tungsten (Elemental Tungsten)

  • 40x Plain Wood Plank 
  • 20x Tungsten Ingot (Tungsten Ingot)

Viridium pickaxe - Marble Forge

  • 30x Plain Wood Plank
  • 90x Emerald
  • 30x Elemental Gold
  • 10x Burled Wood Plank
  • 15x Gold Ingot (Lingot d'or)
  • 1x Tungsten Pick (Pioche and tungsten)

Cobalt Pickaxe - Amaranth Forge

  • 60x Plain Wood Plank
  • 90x Sapphire (Saphir)
  • 30x Elemental Cobalt
  • 5x Burled Wood Plank
  • 30x Cobalt Ingot (Cobalt Ingot)

Piercing indigo - Forge amarante

  • 40x Plain Wood Plank
  • 120x Ruby (Rubis)
  • 40x Elemental Rubicite
  • 14x Burled Wood Plank
  • 20x Rubicite Ingot (Rubicite Ingot)
  • 1x Cobalt Pick



Stone ax - Stone Forge

  • 1x Dirt (Terre)

Copper ax - Stone Forge

  • 10x Elemental Copper
  • 1000x Plain Wood Log
  • 10x Copper Ingot

Gold Ax - Marble Forge

  • 10x Elemental Gold
  • 5x Burled Wood Plank
  • 10x Gold Ingot (Lingot d'or)

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