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Welcome to the chronicles of Bismarck. Today we are going to tackle an essential and characteristic subject of all MOBAs, of course I want to talk about vision beacons or wards. Yes you know this little object which is constantly watching you. Well, we are going to learn to use them as efficiently as possible, that is to say to practice warding.



  • What does the word warding mean?
  • What kind of ward do we have in dota 2?
  • Are these objects of great use?
  • Who should use them?
  • Do these objects have a weakness?
  • Put into practice
  • Appearance of vision beacons


What does the word warding mean?

This is the question that everyone is asking, and well it is a type of strategy to adapt in all MOBAs. This strategy consists in placing on strategic points of the map objects that we will call ward (English word designating the vision beacons) which are quite simply little scouts that allow you to give your team a local vision of a place in the menu.

What type of ward do we have in Dota2?

In Dota2, we have at our disposal two types of wards that can be purchased at your team's store:

  • les Observer Wards : This type of beacon is most commonly used to give your team vision, and it has a range of vision of 1600 at night and day as well as a duration of use of 6 minutes for the modest sum of 150 gold coins. This object's main mission is to give you a vision of places on the map, and therefore of your opponents.
  • les Sentry : this type of beacon (literally sentry) is often used for the detection of any foreign object being invisible, that is to say it reveals the camouflaged units (enemy heroes under Smoke bomb or enemy wards). This object has a vision of 950 as well as a use of 3 minutes for the modest sum of 200 gold coins.

Beacons can be purchased every 6 minutes in sets of 2 from stores in your camp.

Some buildings like towers or certain objects like vision gems have the ability to detect your Observer Wards and Sentry, so it is very important to place these objects out of sight of towers and be very careful of opposing heroes. that carry an item that can destroy your Observer Wards and Sentry.

Also be aware that the destruction of these objects can cause an economic disadvantage and force you to play defensive. It is therefore very important if possible, to destroy those of your opponents.

Are these objects of great use?

Well, I will answer you yes! These consumables provide the most exemplary information work, you will find that as you level up, these items will take an important place within your team.

These objects allow you to counter the ambushes of your opponents, or to plan coordinated assaults. We will also retain the additional function of some of these objects which consist in blocking the reappearance of neutral camps in order to slow down the opposing jungler.

Who should use them?

As in any team, some have important positions, roles and tasks as well as a specific need for equipment. The purpose of the supports is to largely manage the warding, that is to say that anyone in the team can buy it because the support cannot be everywhere.

Do these objects have a weakness?

Yes, unfortunately these objects have a weakness: the beacons are easily destroyed once found, you can only buy two every 6 minutes and their purchase price is still a bit high.

But how to avoid their loss? There are a few tips you need to know about intelligently placing markers on the map.


Tip number one : you should always favor a high place.

In order to avoid waste by placing two objects in the same place, favor an elevated place in order to obtain a view below, but the reverse is impossible.

Tip number two : you must choose strategic points.

Take the time to choose a strategic place where you will be able to place your beacon, because you must take into account several factors namely its necessity. Positioning a ward nowhere will only be of aesthetic interest.

Tip number three : never place them under the towers.

Indeed, as explained above, towers have the ability to reveal any invisible object or character.

Tip number four : you have to control the runes.

As you know Runes are upgrades located left to right on the main river and each rune has a specific characteristic.

Placing wards so that you can see the runes is one of the most basic warding actions. It is therefore important to control its temporary improvements which may tip the game in your favor.

Tip number five : you must watch out for the entrances to the jungle from the river.

The vision of these locations is very important, because it allows to prevent any intrusion on your line and at the same time will allow you in all serenity to be able to farm quietly.

Tip number six : practice blocking the reappearance of neutral camps.

As explained above, preventing the reappearance of neutral camps slows down your opponent in his jungle. This is an advanced point that requires a slightly developed vision of the game because you must not fall into an opponent's trap.

Tip number seven : prevent invisible characters.

Many heroes have the ability to make themselves invisible permanently or for a short time (Riki, Bounty Hunter, Nyx Assassin) or even worse, some have the ability to make their team totally invisible like Mira. It is therefore very important to learn how to use Sentry correctly, in order to cover your rear and those of certain fragile heroes such as carries.


We are now going to show the places where it is interesting to place your wards. A basic ward location is represented by this logos on the map.


The map and its legend come from the team-dignitas.net site. It presents the strategic places to place the vision beacons:

In red : the wards that have a view of the rune.
In yellow : The wards at the height of the cliff (defensive beacons).
In pink : line patrol wards (offensive and defensive beacons).
And vert : the wards of the jungle.
In blue : the wards for the push.
in white : situational wards.



As we have explained, it is very important to place your wards at high points on the map, as it is impossible to get a view when you are below, so we need some height.

As we can see in the image, our Ward is placed in height so it therefore allows to have a fairly wide view from below.

In the image above, our ward is placed below the ramp so it does not provide a view of the top row.


Put into practice

I will now provide you with screenshots of the most important locations to position your vision beacons.

Mid line

Radiant side

Saying side

When you place these two wards you get a vision on the top rune and at the same time a protection of the mid in addition to a vision on the road towards the enemy jungle.

Bottom line (Botlane)

Radiant side

Saying side

You get a vision on the bottom rune and at the same time a protection of the jungle the cover of our carry. For the Say side we get a vision of the entrance to the Roshan as well as a vision of the rune.


Radiant side

Saying side

These utility jungle wards provide a very defensive vision for blocking camps.


Appearances of vision beacons

Thanks to the Steam community and the set up store, you can find different types of beacons but it's not free!

Here are some examples :

So much for this guide to warding in Dota2, I hope you enjoyed it. Do not hesitate to provide your tips and comments!

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