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Do you like challenges ? Then this challenge is for you! If you've ever heard of the Legacy Challenge, you already know what to do. For others, you should know that this challenge has been present since the Sims 2 and consists of playing with a goal in mind.

It all starts with a young single adult. You then spend almost all of your starting funds to move into vacant land. With no money, no home, no job and no family, your starting Sim, or Founder, must build a family spanning 10 generations!

Poor, you have to make your family survive, without a cheat code of course!

I let you read the explanations in more detail explained by its creator.

 The Legacy Challenge adds an extra level of difficulty to The Sims by forcing you to do what most players don't naturally do - stay in the same household for an extended period of time. By playing this way, you will start to get emotionally invested in an entire family, not just specific Sims. For story lovers, the Legacy Challenge is the perfect blend of familiar ground and newness: Sims come and go, but the home endures and thus gradually creates its own story.

For those who play to win, the challenge is riddled with objectives and milestones that are much more difficult than what the game offers you. There are 10 categories of points inspired by the 10 aspirations. Each category has unique and different challenges that will push your Siming skills to the limit. For example, you will need to complete many aspirations with all family members, or witness all types of deaths on your property.

You must also follow rules and guidelines. Your founder of the Legacy Challenge is the only Sim you have full control of. For a Sim to join the family, they must be a randomly generated resident or be a child born or adopted by the family. When children are born or adopted by the family, their character traits and aspirations must be generated randomly. You can use the Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator.

As you can see from the random generator at the link above, parents have an influence on children's character traits. The process is quite complex: you can just as easily obtain a clone of the father and mother as a child having nothing to do with its parents or a mixture of the two. You never know what you're going to get, that's what makes the challenge so charming.

With The Sims 4, new rules are put in place for the Legacy Challenge: the rules of succession. These rules allow you to define who will inherit the household after your founder has passed away. For example, my Legacy family is a Matriarchy - Strict Traditional - Exemplary (Crazy). This means that I have defined a system in which girls will be chosen to be named heirs, and boys cannot be heirs to the next generation. Children must be born naturally and only the child with the Crazy trait will become the heir. Just as your Sim's three character traits influence their personality, the Three Rules of Succession are a way to determine your family's “personality” in general.

There are also restrictions. For example, you can't use cheat codes to make money or move in an inconsiderate number of locals to get more money. Likewise, the use of game elements facilitating the challenge is prohibited. If a player wants to break the habit of using cheat codes, the Legacy Challenge is a good way to do it.

The Sims 4 is the perfect playground for the latest iteration of the Legacy Challenge. The new game mechanics fit perfectly into the scope of the Legacy Challenge and players are already starting their own challenges and families.

For more information, you can find the full list of rules on my website.

Have fun !


And above all, do not hesitate to tell us if you are embarking on this challenge!

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