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In a nice blog post, Riot Jules talks to us today about statistics on vision beacons and their appeal to players.


Vision and camouflaged beacons

After a brief rundown on the usefulness of beacons (avoiding ganks, giving the position of opponents and securing objectives), the first graph appears to us.

A surprising figure, we learn that 64% of players have never bought a single beacon (vision beacon and / or camouflaged). 1 in 10 players buy at least 2 per game anyway.

Following graph, Riot Jules shows us the number of beacons bought by role and without much surprise this time, it is the supports at the head, followed by the junglers, then midlaners, toplaners and finally AD Carry. This is because of role priority, and it makes sense for supports to bring more support items to their team, as do junglers who travel many miles in the jungle and around objectives.

Another interesting statistic, we are exposed to the number of tags purchased by level of classification. The higher you go towards the Diamond level, the more beacons purchased are consistent with a balance between vision beacons (green) and camouflaged beacons (pink).


Relics and totems

But for over a year now, we have also been using the relics, whether they are yellow, red or blue. THE majority of players (73%) focus on totems (yellow relics), 12% use a jammer (red relic) and only 5% take the blue orb. On the other hand, very few players think about upgrading their relics, although it is very useful.


By level of play, these are the supports that use the jammer the most, followed by the junglers. The AD Carries will use the orb a little more.

The distribution of Relics changes a lot with the Rank Tiers. While totems are common in lower divisions, the higher you go, the more jammers and orb (jammers are used more than totems in higher tiers than Master).


In conclusion, we are given advice:

  • If you want to better master the vision of the map, take it gradually.
  • Don't forget to upgrade your Relic.

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