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With the arrival of the event around Bilgewater and the new ARAM map named The Butcher's Bridge, Riot Games decided to give Miss Fortune a new skin by doing a full character update.

The will of the developers with this update is to revamp the visual of Miss Fortune while improving its current gameplay.



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Passive Skill: Fanfaronne

Miss Fortune gradually increases her movement speed when not taking damage for several seconds.

[New] Fanfaronne's effect is now boosted by Miss Fortune's level, and it only wears off when MF takes direct (non-periodic) damage.



Miss Fortune shoots through an enemy to hit a target behind, dealing Physical damage to the first and increased Physical damage to the second, while dealing on-impact effects to both.

[New] If the first shot kills the target, the rebound damage increases. Z: Stale shot

Passive : Miss Fortune's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage that stack.
Active : Miss Fortune gains attack speed for a few seconds.

[New] Activating Stale Shot triggers the Braggart effect. E: Rain of bullets

Miss Fortune rains hundreds of bullets on a target area, damaging and slowing enemies there. R: Lead dam

Miss Fortune stands on her feet and unleashes barrage into a cone in front of her for a few seconds, damaging any enemies within.

In addition to an update to her spells, Miss Fortune is receiving an update to her base skin and all of her skins to be more appropriate to the graphic style that Summoner's Rift has taken over the past few months. .

This update is already available on the PBE for those who have access to it!

What do you think of this redesign of this AD carry?

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