SWTOR - Lightning / Madness Hybrid Sorcerer

Hello everyone, my name is Sikara I am a member of the Apocalypse Clan guild on Battle Meditation. I want to share with you my relative experience as a DPS wizard. He is a type of character who can be mobile and who sends pie.

If I am speaking today, it is to talk to you about the Madness / Lightning Hybrid sorcerer specialization which is hardly represented in terms of guide on the net. I would like this article to allow for a healthy debate so that all wizards of this type can share their point of view. So I am not an "expert", I just let you enjoy my way of playing.

This article is another way to approach the wizard from the article on Lightning Wizard 1.3. Accordingly, I will not repeat everything but insist on the most interesting points.


What is Corcier madness / lightning hybrid?

Before update 2.0, this was a specialization that was fairly represented at high level. To do this, it was necessary to take almost all of the talents of the madness branch by putting only a few points in the lightning branch and, above all, to seize the barrage of lightning talent.

After update 2.0, the specialization has changed very little. However, new and very interesting talents are available and it is sometimes difficult to make choices. I will therefore present mine to you.



The sinews of war lies precisely in the distribution of the different talent points. Here is my current talent tree:

I will now detail for you branch by branch what I think is essential to take into account in this specialization.

  • Foil
  • lightning
  • Other
  • The deathfield and its improvement the death mark: they allow you to produce significant area damage but also to apply a curse on the target which increases the regular damage done on the target.
  • Madness and its Wrath buff: These two talents are the basis of the specialization, the former negates the cooldown of Force Lightning, and the latter allows you to instantly trigger either Crushing Darkness or Lightning Strike while granting them additional damage.
  • Creeping Death that dramatically improves regular damage (+ 30%).
  • The double electroshock that allows you to send a second for free.
  • The subversion which is essential to regenerate one's strength.
  • The barrage of lightning which is the main element of this specialization and which allows the reduction of the force lightning while maintaining the number of damage done.

The following talents are not essential but I highly recommend them:

  • Weaver of strength in the corruption branch which allows the increase of alacrity (+ 2%)
  • Focal lightning bolt that also increases alacrity in the madness branch.
These different points allow me, thanks to the increases in alacrity, to regenerate my strength more quickly and above all to never favor alacrity on my equipment!



Damage cycle

As I mentioned above, the different spells have already been discussed in the article on the lightning wizard. I will not go back over it in order to point out the main differences.

My cycle is structured as follows:

  • Recklessness + deathfield to have a critical on the target
  • Affliction to activate the lightning barrage
  • Force Bolt loops until Wrath unleashes to apply Instant Crushing Darkness

Then I keep all the damage over time and, when wrath is activated, I trigger the instant lightning strike to increase the subversion and therefore my force regeneration.

During the fight, it is sometimes necessary to move and it is in these moments there that I use the electroshock. Also, for maximum damage in the big damage phase needed, it is sometimes worth keeping the wrath and recklessness to unleash a deathfield and critical crushing darkness.
This cycle still allows me to achieve 2400 damage per second on pole and 2100 on average on different monsters with only 69 equipment!



I think it is especially here that there will be the most discussion after the posting of my article. Indeed, my approach to the various statistics is counterintuitive. I'm mainly looking to increase criticism and influx. Then, I favor the will which also brings me criticism to the power which only brings me bonus damage. With my gear constantly evolving, I'm currently trying to limit misfires by gradually increasing accuracy but never at the expense of my other stats.

In order of priority, this therefore gives:

Willpower> = Critical> Surge> Power> Precision

In absolute terms, what I would like to achieve during combat in operation is close to:

  • Critical: 30%
  • Influx: 75%
  • Accuracy: 110%
  • Alacrity: It's not really a priority because the talents are already there for that

I have seen that the influx / critical gain should never be moved to the detriment of precision. This last statistic only increases my damage very little in the end. This way of seeing things is allowed here because I remind you that most of my damage is over time.


This specialization requires documentation and frequent testing on the mannequin. It is indeed essential to develop certain execution reflexes to gain in performance. Even if there is ultimately only anger to deal with, it is important to also monitor the various damage over time activated and build up your strength enough to be useful throughout the fight.

Here I hope you liked this point of view. I repeat that I do not claim to have the panacea and I am curious to see how some of my comrades understand and master this specialization!

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