Monster Hunter World - Novice Hunter's Diary

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Day 1

That's it, the great adventure begins. I embarked on the 5th Fleet, heading for the New World. I can't wait to explore these new wild lands. I know that great perils await me, but it is an incredible chance to be able to participate in this expedition!

It's a new life that awaits me, I can become who I want! A young intrepid, an old bearded fellow, why not a woman from elsewhere!

I must admit that I have a little apprehension all the same. After all, I'm heading into the unknown! Fortunately, I have my trusty Palico with me.

But maybe you don't know what a Palico is. To put it simply, he is a kind of feline, very intelligent, who assists the Hunters in their adventures.

In the boat, the atmosphere is good. I was able to meet other very nice hunters there, but I have never seen so many things to eat in one room in my life! I would rather have thought that the meals were frugal, given the conditions. But that will certainly change once on land. I can imagine that supplies are scarce!

I got to know an assistant there, also from class A. But I didn't have time to chat with her a lot. A huge monster started to scuttle our ship. I can't remember exactly how it happened (I think I took a little hit on the head), but we ended up, the assistant and I, on the head of the monster. We managed to escape by clinging to the paws of a small dragon that led us to dry land. When I tell that to Adamhan ... oh yeah, Adamhan, he's my best friend, who stayed in the Old World.

So here we are in the New World! I imagined a less ... fearless arrival. And above all more secure. From where we are, we can see the HQ, but we will have to cross the whole forest on foot. Unfortunately my Palico Cookie is not with us, I hope he found a way out and join HQ.

It really is a beautiful place! Huge trees, full of funny animals, wow! I can't wait to explore it all! But of course, I should have known, it couldn't be that quiet! With the assistant, we found ourselves face to face with kinds of large lizards, all bristling with spines, which began to surround us.

We were able to escape them by hiding in the bushes. I guess they're not very smart, phew!

Our journey resumed and finally fell a few meters further on an even larger lizard, a big tyrannosaur style of the past! Fortunately we were able to count on the unexpected help of the Team Leader who brought us narrowly to Astera, the big camp ... quite a city I should say.

We have the right to a guided tour from the Team Leader. He shows us the Bazaar, where I can buy lots of things, the Forge where I can make new weapons, and especially the Canteen, where a giant steak is cooking! And I finally find my little Cookie, he was able to escape from the boat and come to Astera! How glad I am to see it!

But the reunion will wait, the Council meets and welcomes us. Despite the apparent enthusiasm, I can see that the faces are a little closed and that this mission is likely to get us into trouble! The Commander looks quite nice, at least very welcoming, but I'm still a little wary of overly nice people.

In short, after all these adventures, I admit that I would go take a nap. Good thing, the Team Leader shows me my room.


Day 2

My first night on the New World! I must say that I had a terrible time falling asleep. The excitement of all these discoveries, I imagine. Anyway, I can't wait to learn more!

And that's good, serious things begin, the Team Leader asks me to choose a weapon to start the hunt. There are so many, it's hard to make a choice. Instinctively, my gaze is on the bow, it's a weapon that I particularly like, but I tell myself that if I start a new life, it may be the opportunity to learn how to handle new ones. weapons. Especially since some are quite intriguing.

Like this, an ax plus a shield, which transforms into a two-handed ax! Or this one! A kind of two-bladed sword that can be used with an insect! The choice is vast, I have a really hard time choosing. Sure, I could use anything, but in my opinion it might be a good idea to specialize a bit, if only to figure out what to improve at the Forge.

I think for now I'm going to focus on the bow and the swordfish. I might try the ax-sword occasionally. Anyway, I can imagine that I will also have to adapt to the monster I will face, so let's not neglect the other options!

I join my assistant at the Canteen and it's finally the big moment: my first quest. Jagras might be a concern, so I'm being asked to hunt some, seven in total.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed, I was expecting something more flamboyant for my first mission, but let's not be too presumptuous. After all, the New World can be full of surprises! Small stopover in the canteen to have a good meal and let's go!

So here I am, off to these unknown lands, in search of these Jargas. Equipped with my bow, I discover that I can add vials inside, with various effects: more damage (but less distance), poison, paralysis. But it depends on the type of bow, some may carry a certain style of vials, some may not. Again, you have to think carefully to know which bow to use for which target. I realize that being a hunter may be much more complicated than I would have thought.

But whatever, here I am hunting for Jargas, and I find some pretty quickly. A few arrows, a little dodging. They are small monsters, they are not very bad, even if their number could quickly become a concern if we are not careful. But I quickly reach the count of seven and hop, mission over, direct return to camp!

The rest is not long in coming and it is a Grand Jargas that I am asked to track. A Grand Jargas is like a Jargas, but in addition ... large, I am told. No kidding ? The humor of the New World leaves a little to be desired!

In short, here I am on the trail of this Grand Jargas, without really knowing what to expect. Fortunately, the Navilucioles are a big help. They allow me to find the traces of the beast and above all, by dint of collecting clues, give me extremely useful information. In particular, I learn that he can swell his throat, which makes it an interesting weak point that I will hasten to exploit! AND that's good, I finally found his trace! To attack !

In the end, I wouldn't have had to use the flare to call for help, I was able to cope on my own. But despite everything, he almost knocked me out once or twice with his tail strokes! I will be a little more careful next time.

Gone for today, it's time to head back to Astera for some well-deserved rest!



After a few hours spent in the New World, I realize that my career as a Hunter will be far from being a long quiet river. Between the different weapons and equipment to adapt according to the situation, and the many targets that I will be asked to track, there is a lot of work!

The weapons first: I appreciate having so many choices. Each weapon is really different in its use and will have a very different utility depending on the target. And some are really original!

The bestiary is also quite varied. We can count on about thirty different enemies. Which in itself is pretty good. But above all, each critter has its own way of behaving. The immersion is really there and we have the impression of evolving in a coherent world, at the limit of the plausible.

The only small regret is that I expected a little more open world in Astera. I wish I could have met more players in town to socialize and group together in a more "civilized" way, rather than sending a distress rocket or taking quests on a panel.


The game at the best price on Kinguin, from € 44,24

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