Orcs Must Die! Unchained: beta preview

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Orcs Must Die! Unchained follows on from Orcs Must Die 1 & 2. This episode leaves the story behind for a very complete multiplayer mode and places us in a hybrid style between Tower Defense and MOBA.

We find the waves of enemies previous games, but this time they are managed by the players: the games take place in 5 against 5. To win, you must skillfully manage your defense and your attack by distributing your forces on the map.

For theattack, each player can choose several types of creatures to send. These creatures are classified by level. At the start of the game, you can send level 1 monsters (basic orcs) to end up level 4 (like armored bears). At the level of defense, it is the traps that you place that will make the difference. Spikes on the ground, puddles of tar and giant mallets on the ceiling are all weapons of defense that you must master.

But not that ... Indeed, whether in defense or in attack, it is necessary to choose a hero that matches the way you play. From the werewolf who attacks melee with his claws to the elf who plants his arrows at great distance, there is a panel of 13 heroes of all kinds.

The choice is already significant for a beta.

For an effective attack, some of the players must accompany the monsters as much as possible to prevent the opposing heroes from killing them too quickly. Each side must defend a fault which has 20 points. Depending on the monsters that manage to pass, we lose a greater or lesser number of points. Allow an average of twenty minutes for a game.

The guards act as a tower that we know in other MOBAs.

The trap and monster system is managed by a nationwide. A deck is a set of cards that determines your possibilities. So, in addition to choosing your hero wisely, you need to build a deck based on the synergy you want to create. For example, if you want to play defense, prefer large and few creatures that will blend easily with those of other players. And take traps that are more focused on slowing down knowing that you have the opportunity to do a lot of damage without putting yourself in danger.

The base deck is still very complete.

The game being based on the economic system of a free-to-play, the store is a great help in building an unstoppable deck for your hero. The store and the level system are not yet implemented, unfortunately we can not tell you more at the moment.

As for the artistic direction, we undoubtedly find the universe which made the charm of the previous episodes with a touch of freshness, making the game very pleasant to watch. On the music side, it's always very catchy with a little epic side that directly plunges us into the atmosphere.

Must admit that it is beautiful!

And to conclude a very nice trailer:


Many thanks to Leinox with whom I co-wrote this article.

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