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A new tournament will be held on Timeless Island for all fans of pet battles with challenges that will keep even the most assiduous in their mouths.

The Venerable Celestial Tournament tests your leadership with pet battles pitting you against different opponents ... and if you win enough victories, the Children of the Venerable Stars.

This is what Master Li teaches us and it is also to him that we must speak to recover the weekly quest and access it. It's on the west side of the arena, right next to the stairs. Be careful, to access it, you will need at least 15 mascots at maximum level (25). If we meet the conditions, we will then join a dedicated and solo scenario!

Remember to take care of your pets before accepting. Indeed, it will be impossible to heal his team once in the instantiated zone, it will therefore be necessary to have enough mascots to be able to stand against 7 opponents. It looks like it's already pretty complicated, so it's best to start with all of your pets alive and well.

When you win the tournament, you receive a Venerable Stars coin, allowing you to buy various gifts, including mascots. Additionally, an achievement calls for defeating all 13 NPCs involved:


Phase 1

We find Uncle Gao and 3 champions there, with legendary mascots. The principle of this phase is simple: to emerge victorious from the 3 fights against the champions to move on to phase 2. A priori, the champions change every week, according to 3 teams (to be confirmed the teams).

@perculia @mumper They change every week (during the weekly reset).

— Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) July 25, 2013


Team 1

Wise Husband

Its team is made up of:

  • Spirus: magic. He heals himself (Healing Wave), blocks an attack (Soul Ward) and inflicts magic damage (Arcane Blast). He will take more damage from a draconian.
  • River: elementary. He can inflict damage (Whirlpool), but also increase his damage (Pump) and become unassailable (Dive). It is better to oppose it with a magic or aerial mascot.
  • Carpe Diem: aquatic. It can deal damage while preventing pets from changing (Grasp), healing (Cleansing Rain), and dealing area damage (Dreadful Breath). It is better to choose an aerial mascot if you want to maximize damage, magic or beast compared to its abilities.

Bling-o-tron 4000

Its team is made up of:

  • P'tit B: mechanical with machine and magic abilities. You must use an elemental mascot with elemental attacks in front of him, by placing a combo burning effect with Conflagration for example. The spirit of summer or Mini Ragnaros will be particularly suitable.
  • Au: elemental with elemental and humanoid abilities. You have to counter it with an aquatic mascot.
  • Magot: Bug with machine and bug abilities. It is a priori better to use an elemental mascot in front of him, possessing beast abilities such as the Magma Puppy, Electrified Razor Sharp or the Ember Kitten.

Shadowmistress Kiryn

His team, whose names may mean something to Game of Thrones fans, is made up of:

  • Nairn (named after Hodor's actor): humanoid. This mascot with capabilities directly from GoT is quite versatile.
  • Stormoen (named after an actor, Nairn's best friend): mechanical. This mascot deals big beast damage, so I advocate an elemental against him.
  • Summer (Bran's werewolf): beast. This mascot will do less damage to the aerials, it will be all the more practical to avoid its attack increased by 150% (Prowl) even if a mechanical mascot will inflict more damage to it.


Team 2



The prince is very amused by this pandaren tradition and proposes a team composed of:

  • Cindy: undead. He will take more damage from critters, which will be less susceptible to some of his attacks.
  • Dah'da: draconian. His abilities are less powerful against undead, but as a draconian he is more sensitive to humanoids.
  • Alex: draconian. His abilities are less powerful against undead, but as a draconian he is more sensitive to humanoids.

Taran Zhu


Its team is made up of:

  • Yen: humanoid.
  • Cake: humanoid.
  • Li : humanoid.

It's a team made up entirely of humanoid. It is advisable to take a team consisting of 2 undead with good undead abilities and another mascot to handle Yen's ability, Comeback as the Tiny Sporoptera.

Chen Storm Mist

This team is made up of Pandaren mascots:

  • Brewly: Elemental that will take more damage from aquatic abilities.
  • Chirps : beast that will take more damage from beasts.
  • Tonsa : beast that will take more damage from machines.

Wowhead features a team of Tiny White Carp, Pygmy Direhorn, and Clockwork Gnome.


Team 3

Sully 'the Brine' McLeary


The dwarf has the following team:

  • Monte: bug.
  • Rikki: aquatic.
  • Socks: undead.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom


This undead trainer offers a team made up of:

  • Chaos: magical.
  • Trike: beast.
  • Screamer: aerial.

Chronicler Cho

The Chronicler has a team with evocative names:

  • Wisdom: draconian.
  • Patience: magic.
  • Knowledge: aerial.



Phase 2

If we manage to pass the first phase (painfully), we find ourselves facing the 4 gods. This strategy is translated from a comment by globex45 posted on wowhead.

Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon


Proposed team:

  • Dandelion Frolicker
  • Dandelion Frolicker
  • Bonkers

It takes fast pets with strong humanoid attacks. Pets with interruptions, like Dandelion work well. Yu'la's first ability is to put down a shield, it's important to do as much damage to her as possible before she puts it down. Then, you have to launch the interrupt and dodge abilities to the maximum.

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji

Proposed team:

  • Shimmering Wyrmelin
  • Spectral Porcupine
  • Spectral Porcupine

Chi-Chi now starts with Tranquility, followed by Fire Quills and only afterwards she uses Ethereal. You have to start with the Wyrmelin and its Reaction ability, followed by Deflection. Then you have to use Amplify Magic. When the Wyrmelin dies, we switch to a porcupine and its main ability Spectral Thorn, then throw up Spinning Top while the thorns and Spirit Spikes recharge.

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

  • Zeppelin by Sombrelune
  • Zeppelin by Sombrelune
  • Darkmoon Chariotte

The zeppelin is important for 2 reasons: the Explode ability does a lot of damage with a block ability. This ability should be used when Xu-Fu is around 70% health. After that, you just have to do the maximum damage to him.

Zao, Calfling of Nuizao

  • Sunreaver Micro Sentry
  • Zandalari Ankle Stick
  • Zandalari Ankle Stick

Not much to say about this fight. Engage with Fel Immolate followed by Call Lightning. We continue with Fel Immolation until the death of the mascot. Afterwards, the victory becomes simple. We take a small Zandalari and we use Black Claw then Hunting Party which should end the battle.


Complementary phase

It is possible to fight against Oondasta (miniature) every day, outside of the arena. Here are the mascots that work well against her:

  • Sunreaver Micro Sentry
  • Zandalari Ankle Stick
  • Zandalari Ankle Stick

They are the same mascots as for Zao but with a slightly different cycle. We start with Call of Lightning from the micro-sentry before moving immediately after to a Zandalari. We then launch Black Claw and Hunting Party. If Oondasta is still alive, there is still a second raptor!


Here ! Feel free to share with me your strategies to beat these new challenges that will delight mascot collectors!

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