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And welcome to another issue of Share Your Fortresses! Before talking about the PVF itself, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that after more than a year of good and loyal service in presenting the fortresses of other players to you, I am returning my hand! Do not worry, if you liked this section it will always be there, it will simply not be me who will take care of the presentation!

Today we are going to visit the fortress of Feress, bounty hunter from the Battle Meditation server! Oh and, put on something light, we're off to Tatooine!


Are you a nomadic merchant, an unscrupulous smuggler, a seasoned bounty hunter? Welcome to you. Since the war between the Alliance and the Empire of Zakuul, the black market has never been so prosperous. My comrade and teammate Borce who officiates on Nar Shaddaa will not contradict me on this point. During my peregrinations in search of head for my contracts and in particular in an entrenched post belonging to the Czerka, I discovered a holo indicating a sanctuary housing Rakata relics. The call for credits was felt there but I did not suspect that I would discover a rich and abundant oasis.

It was here that I decided to set up an entrenched camp for the Alliance. On this site, I was able to make two landing zones, one outside like this one and one in the basement that I will present to you later. As soon as you arrive, you will be able to connect with a Jawa tribe which carries out excavations using a Czerka probe droid (recovered from the famous entrenched camp) and a recovery droid. They unearthed a few pieces of precious metal as well as suitcases full of credits, good for business! My partner Blitz remains in permanent contact with them and supervises the research. These little scoundrels even thought of installing a banking network system allowing them to trade directly with people passing through without waiting for a return trip to the bank in the central square and avoiding any theft, smart guys!

As you continue on the surface, you will notice a young "sarlacc" waiting for its prey. Continue your way, you will be able to see (for speed lovers) a stop for supplies and rest for the module races.

Again take the road and you will be able to have a first glimpse of the market place of this fortress. Continuing on you will come to an Alliance outpost. This alliance also brings together Revanites! Yes, fallen Revanites, but outstanding soldiers who galvanize the troops of the Republic and the Empire in view of an imminent attack.

You will also notice a Sith warrior sending three bounty hunters on a mission to hunt down a renegade who had flouted his allegiance to the Sith Empire for the benefit of the Zakuul Empire.

Now is the time to enter this contraband market, the haunt of the bandits of the galactic trade routes. You will be greeted by a Scorpion-type droid whose intelligence is matched only by his cruelty, nothing like filtering the entrance. You may notice the banners of Houses Thul, Rist and Ulgo of Alderaan. Because they also finance the Alliance via the black market, but obviously this is information that we do not divulge without a few handfuls of credits ...

You got there. The market ! If you decide to go down the stairs on the right you will come directly to the cantina. Otherwise by the left, you can go towards the spaceport of the market or the “military” districts. As I'm sure you're thirsty, I suggest you have a glass of Corelienne beer at the cantina! In passing you will notice a twil'ek in bad shape ... I think he wanted to overtake his sponsor and that a Trandoshan hunter has found his trail.

Once your thirst is quenched, you can roam the market square at your leisure. Merchants from the planet Rishi have established themselves and you can buy the plants that grow within this fortress. When I told you it was an oasis, I wasn't lying. And this thanks to rakata technology (you will notice an idol in the image of Soa, found in the cave of the cliff thanks to which this entrenched base exists). You will also be able to get some specimens of womps rats as well as Oro parakeets recovered from the sea of ​​the dunes. If speeders are what appeals to you then get in touch with this renegade imperial droid (leave medicine to a droid and you will go as long as it is defective). You can also acquire some archaeological relics, resulting from the excavations of our Jawa friends from the camp next door. Obviously you will be able to find access to the galactic market as well as to the available bunkers.

If you feel like it, head towards the so-called "military" quarter. Cross the gallery of ice where various crystals are stored. You will arrive in the garden where an impressive number of plants grow, used by our bio-botanists and doctors from the medical and research center. Have no fear of confined rakghouls, the site is secured by four automated turrets. In this district you can find agents officiating for the Alliance as well as a cantina reserved for bounty hunters. You will see that a young Padawan did not succeed in extricating herself from the clutches of a Gand mercenary who captured her on Nar Shaddaa, at my colleague Borce's, and that she remains captive in this jail while waiting for 'to be driven to Sarlacc.

Let's continue our visit and go to the spaceport. Along the way you will see a scout ship in the colors of the Alliance providing fuel and ammunition. You will again notice the colors of the houses of Alderaan participating in the war effort against Zakuul's Empire. Cross this area and head for the spaceport. You will notice that the next shuttle destination is Dromund Kaas, the Imperial capital. In the spaceport transit area, you will find the cargo storage area, the maintenance and energy area for the entire fortress, an area being repaired following a "blaster accident", a banking area, a repair shop for speeders and land-speeders, an armaments shop, as well as a repair shop for droids. Our friends who use the Force also have a space reserved for them, regardless of their inclination: dark or bright.

Go to the elevator. Upstairs you will find a hall dedicated to the original hosts of this planet, the Rakatas. This hall is the exact location of the Rakata shrine discovered by the Czerka. I did some work there and I kept the relics that I found on the site. A generator has been discovered and it is thanks to Rakhatta technology that this fortress has a sufficient supply of water.

The balcony overlooks the entire fortress. You will be able to find there the freshness and the silence beneficial to the meditation. Force users will be able to rest and study in the Voss-colored room. They will also be able to repair their lightsaber and find the Knowledge of the Relics of the Ancients in the dedicated room to the right as you exit the lobby.

I hope you liked this fortress as much as I liked decorating it. If however you wish to visit it, Feress is a bounty hunter on the Battle Meditation server. You will be welcome. Hmm, it is not excluded that I will return another time to present the temple of commerce of Borce on Nar Shaddaa.



What I learned from this fortress : here we have a fortress quite loaded with decoration, so that it was difficult to limit the number of photos. Charged yes, but not overloaded. In fact, this fortress is broken down into multiple scenes scattered here and there in the fortress, which makes it particularly pleasant. My favorite is the green market square with all its different stalls, each of which is a scene from elsewhere!


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