QUBE 2 - First Look at the All Cube Puzzle

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Valery Aloyants


QUBE 2, the sequel to QUBE that is often compared to the legendary Portal, is scheduled for 2018. As a preview, I had the opportunity to access a preview version of the puzzle-game offering one hour About game. Here is a video capture of this demo, without commentary, if you want to go on an adventure with me:

An adventure that starts off badly for my character, Amelia "Milly" Cross. She wakes up, completely lost in a strange cubic structure, with no memories of how she got there. Fortunately, she can count on the wise advice of a mysterious interlocutor who seems to know more than she accepts to say, Emma Sutcliffe ...



Milly is equipped with a combination allowing her to manipulate matter on white supports surrounded by yellow / black intelligently arranged in the world, serving as potential bases for three different styles of blocks:

  • le bleu allows you to make a great leap, either in the direction of travel, or in the direction in which it is arranged. It works on my character as well as the green blocks.
  • le vert on click creates a cube that falls below it. A green cube ejects with the blue, rests on the red or serves as a step for Milly.
  • le red erects a vertical or horizontal column opening to the right click in front. Most of the time, it serves as a blocker or transporter.

Namely that it can only invoke one block per type, re-invoking a new block makes the previous one disappear.

To progress from room to room, it is necessary to solve puzzles by intelligently using its blocks: create steps, activate buttons, use fans, open doors ... Of course, the buttons are activated only if someone. one or something is on them, asking to drop a green block on them. The fans eject from the platform forcing you to protect yourself behind a red, placed on the right side ... The resolution methods are diverse and use simple logic. There is no help or clue system, resourcefulness comes first!


Graphics and ambiance

Produced on Unreal Engine 4, the artistic direction is magnificent, the landscapes of this strange complex having caused me, several times, to stop just to admire. The play of light is particularly successful as I let you judge:

The soundtrack is up to the task, mystical and strange like this place filled with mysteries. However, it knows how to be discreet at other times, avoiding the too repetitive effect, then containing small ambient sounds, the hum of machines, the roar of fans ...



This demo is very promising for the future of the game if the following levels maintain the same level of quality. The puzzles are varied, each time asking to think of a new way of combining its blocks, with increasingly complex rooms and many possible interactions. My only disappointment was finding out that I could only play for such a short time! I can't wait to see the rest of this adventure and find Melly in the full game which, I hope, will arrive very soon!

Audio Video QUBE 2 - First Look at the All Cube Puzzle
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